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In the Subscription section of the GonnaOrder application, you can view the status of your subscription, purchase a subscription, and view your invoices. The subscription price is always up-to-date at the Pricing section of the GonnaOrder website www.gonnaorder.com/pricing and we invite you to check from time to time.
We have three subscription types/status:

  • 14 day free unlimited trial: This is the status of your subscription for the first 14 of your membership and before you buy a subscription. During this time, your store can receive unlimited orders and customers can view your menu for unlimited
  • Limited freemium: The limited freemium status occurs in two stages. Limited freemium with 20 orders per month and unlimited menu viewings is the first stage. After your store receives 20 orders in any given month and you have not paid for a subscription, ordering will be disabled but your customers can still view your menu for unlimited times.
  • Active: When the subscription page shows the active status, you have a paid subscription and which you can extend at any time.

On This Page

View your Subscription Status

The first information that is displayed to you in the subscription section is the subscription status. There are three possible statuses that you may see here: 14 day free trial, Limited Freemium, and Active. Below is an explanation of what you get with each of these.

14-Day Free Trial

GonnaOrder gives every new customer a chance to test and evaluate all available functionalities. During the first 14 days from the day you register a store, you and your customers will enjoy all the functionalities of GonnaOrder. Customers will be able to view your menu, add offers to a shopping cart and place orders. Among other things, you will also be able to configure your store, receive unlimited orders, and download/print orders.
Subscription: 14-day free trial with unlimited orders
We invite you to purchase a subscription before the expiry of the trial period to continue receiving unlimited orders. However, if you are still not done testing GonnaOrder at the end of the trail period, you may continue using your catalog as a digital menu through our Limited Freemium subscription as explained in the next section.

Limited Freemium

Limited Freemium – 20 orders per month

In case you have not purchased a subscription for your store at the end of the trial period, GonnaOrder will automatically change the status of your subscription to the Limited Freemium. This may also be the case if you have purchased a subscription in the past but has expired. Subscription: Limited Freemium -20 orders per month
When your store subscription is Limited Freemium, your customers will still view your menu for unlimited times, but you will only be eligible to receive 20 orders every month. GonnaOrder will keep track of all orders placed in your store every month and send you a reminder email when you receive the 16th email which equates to 80% of your quota. Further, when you receive 20 orders, GonnaOrder will send you an email to inform you that ordering will be disabled for the rest of the month.

Email notification: 100% orders depleted
GonnaOrder will send you a notification email for 100% quota depletion

Limited Freemium – Limit reached

After the 20th order, the subscription page will auto-update to let you know that the 20 orders limit has been reached and that ordering is disabled for the rest of the month.
Subscription: 20 orders limit reached for the month
When your subscription has this status, customers will only be able to view your menu but they cannot submit an order via GonnaOrder. You can purchase a GonnaOrder subscription to remove these restrictions.
The key point here is that you will still have a free website (online menu) and a QR-code menu. Further, you can still access unlimited information from our help center and make changes to the store catalog and settings.


After you purchase the GonnaOrder subscription, your Subscription Status will be shown as Active. You will also see your subscription end date. In case you have purchased a 1-year subscription, the end date should be one year from the date of purchase. This is the date on or before which you should extend your subscription.

You and your customers will enjoy all the features built into GonnaOrder with no limitations. All settings and features will be available to you and you can receive unlimited orders through your GonnaOrder store.

Subscription Active

Purchase a Subscription

You can purchase a GonnaOrder subscription at any time for as long as you an account with us. You will be able to know when you do not have an active GonnaOrder subscription from your dashboard since your Subscription menu entry will be highlighted in a yellow-orange color as shown in the next image. This shows you that you should consider purchasing a GonnaOrder subscription to continue receiving unlimited orders among other benefits.

Store menu signaling need to purchase a subscription

  • If you purchase a subscription before the end of your 14-day unrestricted free trial, you will continue receiving unlimited orders per month even after your trial period expires. This means your subscription status will be switched to active as soon as you subscribe and that your account will not switch to the Limited Freemium plan.
  • In case your subscription status is Limited Freemium (after expiry of the trial period or expiry of previous subscription), purchasing a subscription will remove the restrictions you have of 20 orders per month and you can enjoy unlimited orders once again.
  • On the other hand, if your subscription status is Active, purchasing a subscription will extend the subscription for the purchased duration beyond the date that you have purchased the subscription. For example, let’s assume your subscription is Active till the 31st of December 2021, and you purchase a 1-year subscription before the 31st of December 2021. In that case, your subscription end date will be extended for 1 year, so the new date will be the 31st of December 2022.

Purchase subscription

Before you purchase a subscription, it is good to ensure the name and address of the store for which you are purchasing the subscription are accurate. These will appear in your invoice. Then, go to the Subscriptions section from your account dashboard and click on Purchase subscription or Extend subscription if you have an active plan.

Input the information that is required such as the VAT number of your company. This may be different depending on your country. You may also be lucky to have a discount voucher issued by or on behalf of GonnaOrder. There is a field for that too and the respective discount associated with the voucher will be applied on the subscription price.

Then, select a payment method. This may also be different depending on your country. GonnaOrder will charge your payment method a one-off fee for a 1-year subscription. It is a one-time purchase and we will not automatically charge your account in future. Accept then the terms of use and privacy policy and click on Continue to proceed with the subscription purchase.

Depending on the selected payment method, you will be redirected to the right payment provider (Stripe or PayPal). Complete the payment process and the subscription status will auto-update on the store dashboard.

Users with an active subscription will see the option to extend the subscription instead of the buy option. Extending a subscription will extend the current subscriptions validity and the new expiry dates will reflect on the dashboard without delay.

That is it. You can now receive unlimited orders through your GonnaOrder store!

Download Your Invoices

Once you purchase a subscription, you can download your invoices. Click on your invoice file and your invoice will be downloaded in pdf file format.

Download Invoice

In case you have any questions regarding the subscription package or invoices, please contact us through the contact form and we will be glad to serve you.