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GonnaOrder provides subscriptions which you can purchase from the Subscription Page. Here, you can manage and keep track of you account subscription with us. To gain complete authority over your assets, you can purchase the subscription of GonnaOrder for €99, 90 or $99.90 on a yearly basis.

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View Subscription Status

The Subscription section in the GonnaOrder menu is where you can check on your subscription status, trial or active subscriptions. Following information is displayed in the subscription status.

  • Trial: Stores which get registered with GonnaOrder but have not purchased the subscription are categorized as ‘Trial’ mode.subscription status - limited trial
  • Active: After you purchase the subscription of GonnaOrder, your Subscription Status will be viewed as ‘Active’. The subscription end date is a year after the subscription purchase date.subscription status of gonnaorder


Purchase a Subscription

    1. To purchase a subscription, please make sure that all the store details of your store is accurate for the values like country, address and store name and others. Then,
      –  Go to Subscriptions from your account dashboard.
      – Now click on Purchase Subscription.purchase gonnaorder subscription
    2. Voucher code: In case you have a voucher code you can enter it to receive a discount.
    3. Vat Number: When a customer purchases the subscription with Euro currency then a particular VAT amount needs to be paid. The amount of VAT varies according to different countries.
    4. If you have a registered business and have a valid VAT number then, the VAT amount will not be charged after entering the valid VAT number.
    5. Select a Payment Method for your subscription payment from among the available options. You can choose among Paypal or Credit Card according to your preference.
      Note: GonnaOrder does not store your credit card details.
    6. Accept the terms of use and privacy policy and then click on Continue.
    7. If you have chosen to pay with PayPal, the system will direct you to the paypal account login screen to make you payment.
    8. If you have chosen to pay with your Credit Card the system will redirect you to a stripe screen to complete your payment.


Download Your Invoices

  1. Once you purchase a subscription, you can also download your invoices. Click on your invoice file and your invoice will be downloaded in pdf file format.
  2. The invoice contains all the important information about the subscription payment for your account.gonnaorder invoice

In case you have any questions regarding the subscription package or invoices, please let us know and we’ll respond to your queries promptly.