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Change the Catalog Settings

GonnaOrder gives you the flexibility to change some configuration settings for your catalog setup and display. You will find this under Settings> Catalog in your store.

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Set Up Default Store VAT

GonnaOrder allows you to set up the default VAT rates used in the jurisdiction within which your business operates. The default VAT is usually a numeric value representing the percentage of the product value that goes into taxes. It is not mandatory for you to set the VAT value but in some cases it is a legal requirement that you show tax information to your customers.
Further, GonnaOrder internally uses the VAT information to improve the store statistics. When set, the default store VAT rates and amounts will be included in the order pdf sent to your customers via email and which you can also download from your administration dashboard.

The details about how to set up VAT for your store and products are expounded on this help page.

Setting the default store VAT
Setting the default store VAT

View the Catalog Collapsed by Default

As a store manager, you can choose how customers see your catalog. GonnaOrder has two types of catalog views. An expanded catalog is an excellent option for stores with few categories and items. On the other hand, you may want to switch to the collapsed catalog view if you have many categories.
To switch between these settings, navigate to Settings section and then to the Catalog tab. You will find the setting to change the default catalog view to either expanded or collapsed.

Change default catalog view
Catalog View Settings

The catalog is displayed in the expanded view by default. This means that when the customers view your store menu, they will see all the menu items listed one after the other and they will scroll on their devices to browse to the following category. This setting is best, especially for smaller catalogs because it is very easy for the user to continuously scroll among the categories and browse what is available.

catalog view: Expanded
Catalog Expanded View

The alternative option is for the catalog default view setting to be in a collapsed view. This means that the customers view a list of all their categories available. In order to view what items available under each category, users would need to click on the (+) sign or category name to expand. This setting fits well for stores that have long catalogs. The advantage is that the user would first choose more quickly a category that is towards the end of the catalog without the need to browse through all items of the previous categories

Catalog view: collapsed
Catalog Collapsed View

Store managers and owners have the liberty to choose which view mode to use. The general recommendation is to switch to the Collapsed mode for longer catalogs.

Stock Management

As a store owner, you may want to control the stock of a particular item in the store and only accept new orders when such an item is in stock. The stock management feature allows you to record and keep track of the available products. Once stock management is enabled, GonnaOrder will ensure you do not receive more orders than the items you have in stock. Stock management is an item level management that is applied through editing an item that is already present in the store. It is also applicable to options in an option group and is activated in the same way.

To activate stock management, navigate to the Settings> Catalog. While on this page, you can enable or disable stock management by toggling the Manage Stock button to Disabled or Enabled as needed.

Enable stock management features
manage stock Settings

By default, stock management features are be disabled. When the manage stock setting is enabled for a store, an extra section labeled Stock Check appears in the product edit section. This is illustrated in the Update an item section.

When stock management is enabled, your customers will see an error if they include more items in an order than your store can fulfill at the current time. Stock check must be enabled for that particular item for this setting to work efficiently. Stock features are explained in a comprehensive manner under Setup stock features section and you may want to get a better understanding from there.

Below is the customer interface showing a scenario where a user added 2 items of the same item to the cart when only one was remaining in the store. It is worth noting that products that are out of stock will not be displayed to customers when stock check is enabled.

An error arising due to stock management features
User interface indicating an error in the order