Increase your direct orders and make your business profitable

Delight your customers with interactive QR menus allowing them to order and pay at their own pace

Enhance customer service and turn orders around faster with table ordering for restaurants

Let your customers order for delivery/takeaway directly from your own online store with 0% commission

Inform your customers about the real-time status of their order


Optimize order demand and boost profits

Allow office employees to pre-order and pick up their lunch at the canteen

Enable customers to pre-order at any time

Manage catering stock more efficiently, minimize waste, and make inventory management easy

Reduce printing and admin work by streamlining order operations and reporting


Enhance customer experience and increase order value

Let your staff focus on preparing orders while your customers browse your QR menu, order and pay online

Reduce congestion and manage more orders more efficiently

Promote special offers and use loyalty features to boost repeat orders

Convert more customers and keep loyal customers coming back by making the most out of customer data and reporting


Deliver faster, better service with self-service ordering and payment

Reduce waiting time for your customers by allowing them to order via interactive QR menus from their own devices

Speed up ordering and service by allowing your customers to order or pre-order and pay online

Enhance customer service by turning orders around faster


Bring your goods to more people and generate more sales

Reach out to more customers by letting them order or pre-order online at any time of the day, even outside your opening hours

Showcase your best-selling bread, cakes and pastries with pictures and videos

Manage a larger number of orders more efficiently and reduce waste

Consolidate processes, and deliver orders faster


Take the customer experience to the next level and enjoy higher revenue

Let your customers pre-order on their way to the hotel or from their rooms in just few clicks

Inform your customers about the realtime status of their order

Drive repeat orders and upsell extra menu items

Enhance efficiency by tracking processes and performance

Small Retail Shops

Expand your customer base and improve profit margins

Showcase your products using pictures or videos

Promote special offers to clear stock and use loyalty features to upsell high margin items

Enable your customers to pre-order for pickup or delivery outside opening hours

Inform your customers about the real-time status of their order


Focus on entertaining your guests while growing sales

Build your own branded online store and app to avoid third-party commissions

Let guests order and pay directly from their tables for total convenience

Offer flexible payment methods

Allow your customers to order at any time of the day with payment, order confirmation, and invoicing handled automatically

Small Groceries

Enhance customer convenience and drive profitability

Allow your customers to pre-order for pickup or delivery at any time of the day

Encourage repeat orders and promote fresh and surplus food products

Manage stock more efficiently and minimize waste

Streamline order operations and discover most popular products with reporting

Our solution is highly customizable and configurable so it can best meet your industry
requirements and preferences.

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