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Create your store in 5 easy steps

Gonnaorder Help

Receive notifications for incoming orders

Gonnaorder Help

Enable and manage open tab ordering

Gonnaorder Help

Order and pay for table orders using open tab


Create a GonnaOrder account and setup your store. Manage your account information and password.


Manage your menu with categories, products/items, options. Setup your prices and discounts. Translate your menu items in multiple languages


Configure your store details, select the types of orders you want to receive, and connect to the payment providers to accept digital payments


Setup the tables of your store and download QR codes to receive table-precise orders


Share your store with customers via a link, a QR code, your Facebook page or your website


View an overview of orders submitted by the customers and their details. Mark the orders as Closed or Cancel and print them


Standalone Payments

Receive payments for table orders, let your customers split bills and leave tips for your waiters


Get insights on how many orders are placed in your store and what is their value and how many menu viewings have been done


View the users that can manage your store.
Invite new users to administer your store


Purchase a subscription to get the full benefits of GonnaOrder.
View your subscription status and download your invoices

Supported Languages

See what languages are supported for the store catalog, the customer and the administrator user interfaces

GoAdmin Mobile App

Set up order notifications, automate order printing and accept or reject orders with Android and iOS apps


Learn about, view and download the information GonnaOrder collects from your customers


See what happens when there is a new version of the application and learn how to update.