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Set Up Rooms and Locations

Other than in-house tables within the business premises, some stores, e.g. hotels, nightclubs, and bars, may have rooms from which customers may order food. In addition to rooms, you may also have office blocks and hospitals to deliver food and other items. In that case, you will need to set up rooms and locations. This makes it easier for people in the rooms and areas to place orders conveniently. Further, with different location/table types, you need to specify your store’s default location type.

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Set default location type

The default location type refers to the primary table type used for your store. This is important when you create new tables or set up rooms and locations for your store. For this field, you can choose the three available options described below.

Define default location type

  • Table: This location type is useful for restaurants that offer table service. These are usually the tables to which you will attach the QR code menu and from which customers will be placing orders. They are tables or areas that are accessible from within your premises. A table can have a table number or table name and will be associated with a unique URL after it is created.

    Customer interface requesting table info
    Customer interface - table info
  • Location: The location option takes care of areas, buildings and premises to which you can serve or deliver orders. This is applicable if, for instance, there are certain offices and residential areas to which you deliver or serve orders. You may opt to have QR codes assigned to these areas, offices and buildings for convenience.

    Customer interface requesting location info
    Customer interface - location info
  • Room: Hotels, restaurants, and bars that offer room service will need to register the rooms they serve. These are usually rooms under the same management as the hotel/bar/restaurant.

    Customer interface requesting room info
    Customer information - room info

Set up rooms and locations

When a room or a location is essential to your hospitality business, you take care of it as if it were within your premises. That is why you would want to make it easy for people to place orders in your store from these locations. Setting up a room or location in GonnaOrder lets you know where an order is coming from for easy service or delivery. Store attendants will see the location of the order alongside the offers selected by the customer.

To set up a room or location, choose Tables from the store side menu and click on Add Table.

Adding new table or location
Add table

The next screen will require you to enter identifying information for the location you want to add. Specifically, you must enter a table name or number and optionally add a description and a comment.

GonnaOrder displays the location description to the customer on both the order page and the order pdf receipt. Location descriptions are also added to the location QR codes. We recommend adding meaningful descriptions that help identify the location, room, or the customer.

On the other hand, the location comment is used internally to generate store reports and is also used for the store admin interface, e.g., on the order details page.

Add a new location
Adding a new location


  1. You can split a location comment in multiple lines. Location comments are usually displayed in the order details and the order receipt.
  2. The location description is added to the order receipt. It makes it easier for you to identify tables and for delivery persons to find the right address.

Further, and most importantly, you need to choose a location type. And as explained in the default location type section, a location can either be a table, a room, or a location (a school, an office block, a hospital, etc.).

Choose the location type
Select the location type

You may also provide a street address for both a location and a room. A map preview of the given address is generated for confirmation. The address will be associated with all orders arriving from the said location or room.

New location or room address
Select the location type


All orders submitted to a location or room that is associated with an address will be sent to your myNext delivery management dashboard. If the location or room does not have an address, the orders will be treated as table service orders and will appear on your order management dashboard showing the name of the location as defined in the table details.

In addition to the address, you may also provide an email address and a phone number for the new location/room. These details will be associated with all orders submitted for the said location/room.

Add an email and a phone to a location/room
Select the location type

Orders from designated locations and rooms

A customer placing an order from a room or other designated location (using the QR code or location URL) does not have to specify their table explicitly. GonnaOrder will prefill the details from either the QR code scanned or the URL they entered in their browser.

An order placed from a location
Prefilled table/location field
An order placed from a room
Prefilled table/location field

Orders received from a room or location where a street address is configured are treated as delivery orders. GonnaOrder marks them as table service orders, and adds the street address and room number where applicable. The delivery address, email, and phone number associated with the given location or room are displayed on the order details page and printed on the order receipt.

Location order marked as a service order
An order submitted from a location is marked as a service order and shows the location address. The phone number, email address and location comment are also shown.
A location order receipt showing the delivery address
A location or room order receipt shows the location or room address