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Manage Categories

Categories are a way to group items that a customer can purchase from your store.
Category examples include Starters, Main Course, Ice Cream, and Pizza. A category should have similar items, and its name should be descriptive so that customers quickly know where to find which offers.

Once the categories are added, you can also segregate these categories into different Top Level Categories. For example, Soups, Salads, and Breads can be grouped under Appetizers or Alcholic and Non-Alcoholic drinks can be grouped under Beverages. For more information on how to create top-level categories, refer to the Manage Top-Level Categories.

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Add a Category

The catalog is accessible by clicking the Catalog entry on your store menu. To create a new category on the catalog, click on Add Category in the catalog overview screen.

Creating a New Category
adding a category

Provide a name and a short description of the category you want to add on the category creation page, change the category settings as needed, and save. The short description of a catalog appears on the top of store products on the customer menu and should therefore be short and easy to understand.
Below are the catalog details and settings explained.

    • Default Catalog Language: By default, the category will inherit the language of your store, but if you need it in some other languages, please change the language by clicking on the provided link.
    • Name: Provide a name for the category. It should be short and easy for your customers to understand. In a case where a category can be referred to with several names, you should choose the one that is widely known or one that customers in your locality would best understand.
    • Short Description: Add a short description of this category. It will help your customers understand what products they will find under this category. Note that the short description will appear as the first item in your category, and all products will appear below it. Make it informative. Short Description has a 200 character limit.
    • Visible: Use the toggle button to mark this category as visible or not. This directly impacts your sales since hidden categories do not appear in the customer menu. Toggle this button to Yes if you are ready to sell items in this catalog.

To learn more about marking items as visible or not visible, see this page.

    • Schedule: If your category is available at all times, leave it as Available at all times (default setting). Otherwise, click Add New Schedule or associate the category with existing store schedules. You can learn how to manage store schedules here.
    • Category Image: Add an image that defines the overall items within a category. This image will be visible to customer at the order stage and can also be viewed at order capture.
    • External ID:The External ID field is helpful when you have enabled integrations with external applications, such as, POS via HubRise. It helps GonnaOrder communicate with external applications effectively when customers place orders through GonnaOrder or a connected POS.
Filling In Category Details
gonnaorder -fill in new category details and save

Highlight Categories With Icons and Emojis

Icons and emojis can help attract customer attention. You can add icons to both the catalog name and the short description. Please note that not all icons are supported.
You can copy and paste the following examples to your catalog (Only copy the symbol):

Star: ⭐ Sparkles: ✨ Sparkle: ❇️ Coffee: ☕ Eight spoked asterisks: ✳️ Ballot box with check: ☑️
Heavy checkmark: ✔️ Eight-pointed black star: ✴️ Heart: ❤️ One: 1️⃣ Two: 2️⃣ Three: 3️⃣
Four: 4️⃣ Five: 5️⃣ Six: 6️⃣ Seven: 7️⃣ Eight: 8️⃣ Nine: 9️⃣
Category Names With Icons
Collapsed catalog showing category names with icons
Expanded Menu Showing Multiple Icons
You can use icons and emojis in the category name, category description, item name, price description, a short description and long description.

Preview a Category

To preview the category you created, click Share & Preview in the sidebar menu.
Then click on Share & Preview Link. The share and preview link will be your (gonnaorder domain) + (.)(gonnaorder.com).

Clicking on the Store Link To Share
gonnaorder - previewing a store
How Categories Appear to the Customer
Previewing the category we created

Update a Category

Category information can be updated at any time and as needed. For instance, if you used a name that people find hard to understand, it would be logical to change it to something they would find more familiar.

To update a specific category, click on the name of that category and then click the Edit icon.

Editing a Catalog
Editing a category

Change the fields you want to edit, then click Save.

Updating Category Details
Update category details and save

Delete A Category

Like updating a category, GonnaOrder does not restrict when you can remove categories from your store. However, the category being removed must not have listed store products.

To Delete a specific category, go to the name of that category and click on the Edit icon. See the image in step 1 of the update category section above.

At the bottom right corner, you will see a Delete button. Click on it and confirm deletion on the pop-up that comes up.


You cannot delete a category that has items. You should first delete all items or associate them with a different category.

Deleting a Category
click the delete category link on the bottom left of the edit category page