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Create a GonnaOrder Account

The first step to getting access to GonnaOrder features is to create a GonnaOrder account for yourself. Creating a GonnaOrder account opens the doors to your digital store front from where customers can place orders. The account creation process is straightforward and should take less than five minutes. Further, we have made account creation very easy by providing social registration and login. You can create an account using your registered Google or Facebook account or you can provide your details at will.

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Register via Social Media

Social registration allows you to use your Google or Facebook accounts to create a GonnaOrder account. When you use this option, GonnaOrder will pick the details registered with the respective social platform and populate it on the registration page.
You will have fewer details to fill in to complete the registration. Furthermore, using social accounts to register also means that you can login with your Google or Facebook account without having to create separate passwords. Still, it will be possible for you to create a password after registering with social accounts.

To register using a social account, go to our website at www.gonnaorder.com and click on the Sign up FREE now button on the upper part of the screen. This should bring up the general user registration page where you choose between creating an account with your social accounts or by providing your information on the sign up form.

Click on the sign button
Sign up for GonnaOrder account

Assuming that you have decided to use your google account to register, you should click on Register with Google to proceed. A new browser window will come up showing you the Google accounts available on your device. Choose the google account with which you would like to register a GonnaOrder account.

Choose to register with google
Register withy social accounts: Google

GonnaOrder will receive the information you use to registered the Google account. These details include: your email address, first and last names, country and phone number. GonnaOrder will pre-fill these details on the registration page and let you confirm before creating your account. Notice that you may edit your name, your country and the optional phone number but you cannot change the email address. Click on the Accept and Register once you are certain you have the right details.

Confirm account details
Confirm user details and register
To finalize the account creation process, you will need to register a restaurant, a bar or other business by providing the name of the store and its address among other basic details.

Registration with Facebook follows the same procedure where GonnaOrder receives your details from Facebook and populates the registration page for you. After registering with either Google or Facebook, you will be able to login with the two social platforms.

Register by Email

Besides using your social accounts to register with GonnaOrder, you may also choose to provide all details manually and perhaps connect your Facebook or Google later. With this method, you provide information about you and your business and also create a password for your account.
To create a GonnaOrder account through this method, visit our website at www.gonnaorder.com click on Sign up FREE now button from GonnaOrder website like shown in the previous section.

The next page will require you to provide a valid email address and create a password to secure your account. Your email is important and will be used for most of our communications to you besides being part of your login key. Your password on its part should be an easy-to-remember string of characters, but it should not be easy for strangers to guess. Furthermore, the password must have at least eight characters and should not contain spaces.

Supply a valid email address and a password to register
Provide email and choose a password to create an account

This will take you to the general user registration page where you can enter the required information and create your account.

These are the details you need to provide:

  • First Name & Last Name: Provide your first and last names as they appear in your legal documents.
  • Country: Select a country within which your restaurants and other hospitality businesses are located.
  • Phone Number: You may optionally provide a phone number.
Supply your names, choose a country and accept terms and conditions to register
Registering by providing user details

We invite you to read and review our terms of use and privacy policy which are linked to on the account creation page. Once you are certain that you have the right details and you are okay with with our terms, go ahead and click Accept and Register to complete creating your GonnaOrder account.

Once your new account is saved, you can go ahead to register your store.

Verify your Account

After successfully registering your GonnaOrder account using your email address, we will send you an email to verify that you actually used your account.

You will need to log in to the email account you used in the registration process to view the email. If by any chance the email is not listed in your inbox, you may need to look in the spam folder. Once you have opened the email, click on the provided link to activate your account.

Verifying your registration
GonnaOrder - account activation

A new tab will open where you can login to your newly created account using your email and password.
Your account will be active and you can register and manage stores in GonnaOrder after this activity.