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Use Paymentsense as Payment Provider

Paymentsense is a third-party payment provider mainly operating in the United Kingdom (UK). Therefore, it may not be an option for stores in other regions, and you are advised to look for other options available in your area.

Website www.paymentsense.com
Supported Payment methods Credit and debit cards
Available countries United Kingdom
Payment provider logo Paymentsense logo

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Connect GonnaOrder to Your Paymentsense Account

To start receiving payments via Paymentsense, you will need to provide GonnaOrder with three pieces of data:


Account password

JWT token

The JWT token is a long string of characters that is available in your Paymentsense account and which you only need to copy.
Fill in the details in the respective fields on the payment provider settings and click Connect.

Connecting GonnaOrder to Paymentsense
Connecting GonnaOrder to Paymentsense

Enable Paymentsense

After linking your accounts successfully, you can enable credit card payments via Paymentsense. Such payments as completed via Paymentsense will not appear in your GonnaOrder account. You can always view your transaction information in your Paymentsense account.

Click the toggle button to enable Paymentsense as your preferred payment processor.

Enable Paymentsense to Process Order Payments
Enable Paymentsense

When Paymentsense is set as your preferred payment processor, customers will see a payment prompt on the order page requesting the cardholder’s name, card number, card expiry date, and CVV number.

Paymentsense Customer Payment Interface
credit card payments interface for paymentsense

Disconnect Paymentsense

If and when necessary, you can disconnect GonnaOrder from Paymentsense. In this case, we recommend that you have an alternative payment provider to process credit card payments in your store.

You can click on the Disconnect button to remove your Paymentsense account from GonnaOrder.

Remove Paymentsense From Your Account
Disconnect Paymentsense