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Connect your store to Shopify POS

GonnaOrder’s Shopify integration enables your store to send new orders to Shopify POS. After connecting your store to Shopify POS, you can view and manage all orders submitted online through the POS terminal. Your store and POS can also communicate to synchronize stock levels for configured products. To fully utilize the integration, you will need to connect your store to Shopify POS through Settings >Integrations >Shopify and perform some additional configuration in your Shopify Admin dashboard.

GonnaOrder sends new orders to Shopify. Stock updates are initiated in Shopify
How shopify integration works in GonnaOrder stores

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How the Shopify integration works

The primary need for having a Shopify integration is to help businesses manage orders in a better way. If you are already using Shopify POS in your physical store, connecting it to your GonnaOrder store will allow you to view all orders on the POS.

Without this integration, you would need to view orders from your POS and those placed through your GonnaOrder store separately. Adding the integration means GonnaOrder can send all new orders to your Shopify POS.

A customer places an order in your GonnaOrder store. The order is forwarded to Shopify, and you can view and fulfill the order in your POS like you would accept and fulfill orders in GonnaOrder.

You can achieve a seamless flow of orders from GonnaOrder to Shopify POS by connecting your store to Shopify POS through the integrations settings page and adding respective external product IDs to items in your GonnaOrder store.

Basic working of Shopify integration
Illustration of how shopify integration works

Getting your Shopify URL, Admin API access token, and location ID

Shopify URL

The Shopify URL refers to the URL that customers enter in the browser when visiting your store. You can also click on the settings icon in your Shopify Admin dashboard to reveal your Shopify URL just above the settings menu.

Finding your Shopify URL
Click on the settings icon to reveal your store URL

Admin API access token

The Admin API access token allows GonnaOrder to communicate with your Shopify store when forwarding orders or reading inventory counts.

You must create and install a new Shopify app to get the access token and use it in your GonnaOrder store.

Follow the steps below to create your app and obtain your Admin API access token:

  1. On your Shopify admin dashboard, navigate to Settings >Apps and sales channels
  2. Open Apps and sales channels from Shopify settings
    Open Apps and sales channel from the settings menu
  3. Under the apps and sales channels section, click on Develop Apps near the top right part of the screen
  4. Open apps menu
    Open apps menu by clicking develop apps from the apps and sales channels page
  5. From the App Development page, click on the Create an app button and provide the name of your app on the popup screen that comes up
  6. Creating a new Shopify app
    Create an app under app app development page
    Provide a name for your Shopify app
    Give your new shopify app a name
  7. When the app is successfully created, navigate to the app configuration settings and mark the checkboxes for the following admin API access scopes:
    read_analytics, write_assigned_fulfillment_orders, write_files, read_files, write_fulfillments, read_fulfillments, write_draft_orders, read_draft_orders, write_merchant_managed_fulfillment_orders, read_merchant_managed_fulfillment_orders, write_orders, read_orders, write_content, read_content, read_inventory, write_inventory, read_locations
  8. Update Admin API access scope
    Select and update the admin API access scope
  9. Switch the API credentials tab and click the Install button to add the app to your store. On successful installation, an auto-generated Admin API access token should be available under the same tab for you to copy
  10. Install your new app from the API credentials section
    Install the shopify app you created inorder to generate admin API credentials
  11. A masked Admin API access token is displayed in the API credentials section. Notice that you can only view the access token once, as indicated on the page. Click Reveal token once and copy the long string of characters to use in the next section
  12. Reveal and copy your Admin API access token
    Reveal the masked Admin API access token and copy so you can use later in your GonnaOrder store.

    Location ID

    To obtain your location ID, navigate to Settings >Locations

    Open Shopify location settings

    Choose the location you would like to associate with your GonnaOrder store and click on it to open the details. While viewing the location details, the location ID is displayed as a trailing number on the URL bar.

    Obtaining the location ID from the URL bar
    You can obtain a Shopify location ID by navigating to settings - Locations and reading the trailing number in the URL bar

    Connect your store to Shopify

    After obtaining your Admin API token and location ID from Shopify Admin, you can connect your GonnaOrder store to Shopify POS and start managing orders from a central point.

    Log in to your store and navigate to Settings >Integrations. Under integration settings, find the Shopify section and click Connect to Shopify button to proceed.

    Enter your Shopify URL, Admin API Access Token, and Location Code as obtained in the previous section and click Connect.

    Connect to Shopify
    Fill shopify integration details and connect

    On a successful connection, a message appears on the screen indicating that your settings have been updated. Notice that Shopify integration is disabled by default. Therefore, to start receiving orders on your POS, click the toggle button under the Shopify section to turn it to yes.

    Enable Shopify integration
    Enable shopify integration by turning the toggle button to yes

    Setup automatic stock update from Shopify to GonnaOrder

    The previous section shows how to connect GonnaOrder to Shopify so that all orders submitted online are also available on your POS. That is the basic functionality of the Shopify integration and may be sufficient for some stores.

    Besides sending orders to Shopify, you can also automatically update stock levels in GonnaOrder whenever a new order is entered on the POS. Your GonnaOrder and Shopify stores will synchronize the item stock levels so that you do not have to manually update the stock for each item after entering orders on the POS. To achieve smooth stock synchronization, you MUST set the appropriate external product ID for each item that appears in both your POS and GonnaOrder.

    Illustration of stock synchronization between GonnaOrder and Shopify
    Illustration of how order synchronization between Gonnaorder and Shopify works

    In addition to setting the correct external IDs, follow the steps below to allow GonnaOrder to read order information in your Shopify POS.

    Steps to configure a GonnaOrder webhook URL in Shopify Admin

    1. From your Shopify admin dashboard, navigate to Settings >Notifications
    2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Create webhook button
    3. Create a webhook
      Create a new webhook in your Shopify store
    4. On the event field, select Inventory level update and leave the format as JSON
    5. Enter URL as https://admin.gonnaorder.com/api/v1/shopify/webhooks
    6. Select the latest Webhook API version and save changes
    Set the webhook API version and save
    Select the latest webhook API version

    With Shopify POS connected to your store through the webhook, GonnaOrder keeps the latest stock levels for configured items. Whenever a new order is submitted through Shopify, GonnaOrder will update the stock levels for items included in the order. Similarly, Shopify will update the inventory counts every time an order is accepted in GonnaOrder.

    Always add new stock through Shopify

    When shopify POS is connected to your store, GonnaOrder fetches new stock levels from shopify every time an item is included in an order. Therefore, new stock for an item must always be added through Shopify which will allow GonnaOrder to auto-update item stock levels.

    If you add new item stock through the GonnaOrder store dashboard, the change will not reflect in Shopify. Also, the stock level will be replaced with values fetched from Shopify.

    Special product settings used with Shopify

    External ID for products, price variants, and child options

    The external ID field will be available when you edit the details of the main store product, a price variant, or an option that belongs to an option group.

    The field can be filled with a string of characters to match the item SKU used in your POS. External ID fields help GonnaOrder to point directly to the items that customers order online in your POS.

    External product ID
    External product ID

    Remember to set external product IDs in GonnaOrder

    The external product ID enables GonnaOrder to update the stock levels after every order. You must remember to set external product IDs for all items that appear in both GonnaOrder and Shopify catalogs if you would like to have stock levels automatically updated in real-time.

    Disconnect Shopify

    If you no longer need the Shopify integration in your store, you can either disable it or disconnect it totally.

    When you disable the integration, your Shopify connection data will remain saved in GonnaOrder. However, by disconnecting the integration, your Shopify store information is removed from GonnaOrder, and you will need to re-enter it if you ever need to restore the integration.

    You can disconnect shopify by clicking on the Disconnect button under the same section.

    Remove shopify integration
    Disconnect shopify