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Automatically Print Incoming Orders

GonnaOrder allows you to automatically print incoming orders with a help of a desktop application on your PC. With automatic printing, every incoming order will be sent to the printer you have selected. You can then decide if you will keep using the GonnaOrder order dashboard for viewing incoming orders in parallel to printing them automatically or not. See the below steps to understand how to install the GonnaOrder AutoPrint application and enable automatic printing for your orders.

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Supported Printers

The Autoprint Application works best with thermal receipt printers with a paper roll of size 80mm. These are the printers that print receipts and give optimal results. However, you can still try to use other printers with different paper sizes.
You can use optionally a printer that supports Wi-Fi. This way you don’t need to have your printer connected to your PC. Hower, note that Wi-FI thermal printers are usually twice more expensive than non-wirelss printers.
Some of the most popular types of printers on the market are Epson and Star.
Besides this requirement, there is no other limitation on what kind of printers to use.

Receipt Printer

Download & Install the Application

Supported Platforms

The list below indicates which platforms / operating systems support the automatic printing application. Unfortunately, you cannot install the desktop application on an Android phone or tablet or an Apple iPhone or iPad.

  • Windows – Supported
    Windows 10 64 bit, Windows 8.x 64bit, Windows 7 SP1 64bit)
  • macOS – Supported
  • Linux – Supported
  • Android – Not supported
  • iOS – Not supported

Install the Autoprint application

To enable automatic printing you need to install a desktop application. The first thing you need to do is download the latest version of the application below via the button below. You can also request help from your GonnaOrder partner or contact the GonnaOrder support team.

Download Autoprint App latest version 1.2.5 for Windows

If you have installed a version before the latest version and you want to install the new version, please delete the directory of the previous installation and do the installation again following the instructions below.

Latest Version: v1.2.5
Latest Version: 26-Nov-2020

Previous Versions

Save the zip file in the directory of your choice. The next step is to extract the zip file. After you extract the zip file, you will see in the top folder the GonnaOrder-AutoPrint file. Click then on the file and this will execute the application. You will then see after a few moments Autoprint application will load after some moments. That’s it! You have successfully installed the Autoprint application.

Autoprint login screen

Enable auto printing

To enabling automatic printing for your store you would need to do the following steps:

  1. Firstly, enter your credentials in the application. These are the same credentials that you use to login to manage your store in the GonnaOrder administrator application.
  2. After you have successfully logged in, you will see the stores that you can manage. This will be the same list that you see in your GonnaOrder administrator application. Afterward, select the store that you would like to enable automatic printing

    Autoprint store select

  3. Then you will see the list of printers that are connected to your desktop computer. Select one of the printers to which you would like to automatically send your orders. You can also select multiple printers. From now on, every new order that is submitted to the selected store will be sent to the printers that you have selected.

    Printer Select

  4. That’s it, you have enabled now automatic printing for your store. In case you would like to disable automatic printing, you can log out of the application or close the application

Validate the connection is active

When the application is automatically printing and is connected to the server, you will see a green message on the bottom left of the application, indicating that your Connection is Active. This indicator may turn red in case of issues, indicating Connection Lost.

Mute notification sound

By default, there is a notification sound when a new order arrives and the application sends the order to the printer. In case you would like to turn off this sound, you can do this easily on the bottom left of the screen by clicking on the sound icon.

Autoprint mute unmute

Define the number of print copies

One feature of the application is that you can define the number of copies you want to print. For example, you may want a copy of the print for the kitchen and a copy for the delivery staff. In order to define this, click on the corresponding icon at the bottom right of the page and specify the number of copies on the top of the screen.

Number of copies

Logout and Remember previous settings

You may log out from the application and log back in as a new user. When you logout and login in again, the application will remember the credentials you type previously and prepopulate them. Additionally, the application will remember the previous printer settings. This way you would not need to enable printing again for the same printers.

Autoprint logout