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Order Capture

The Order Capture tab under Settings is where store managers can configure delivery modes, Ordering, Show or Hide comments for orders, and One click ordering.

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Select Your Delivery Options

Delivery modes allow you to specify how you can serve orders to your customers. GonnaOrder has three delivery modes you can choose from or combine to serve your customers best.

  • Serve at Table (Table Ordering): This delivery mode appears first on the list and will be useful to you if your restaurant has in-house serving tables. With this delivery mode, the customer usually sits within your premises and places an order via a QR code menu on the table or your GonnaOrder online store. This option will only work after you create tables for your store.
  • Pickup: This applies to customers who want to pass through your physical store outlet while picking up their orders. Customers submit orders at the office or from home and pick them up in your physical store.
  • Delivery at Address: With this delivery model, customers can place orders in your store and specify that they want them delivered at a specified address. You can select this mode if you have secured the services of riders or if you have other delivery logistics in place. Customers choosing this delivery mode for their order are required to provide identifying information about themselves and the location to which the order will be delivered.
  • Delivery Orders Require Customer’s Identifying Details and Location Info
    Details required for the delivery at address

To select delivery modes for your store, click on Settings from the store side menu and then click Order Capture. Selecting one or more delivery modes will automatically toggle the Ordering button to Active.

Enabling Delivery Modes
Manage order settings

Only the delivery modes you choose are available when the customer places an order. For instance, if you select all delivery modes, then all the three options are available to customers when placing an order. On the other hand, if you select table ordering and pickup, then the delivery option won’t be available on the customer’s end.

The Store Supports All Delivery Modes.
The Store Supports All Delivery Modes
The Store Only Supports Table and Pickup Orders.
The Store Doesn't Support Delivery Orders.


Customers can choose the date and time for the Pickup and Delivery options. Learn more about setting future date and time selection for orders.

Enable Customer Ordering

This ordering setting is used to control whether or not customers can submit orders to your store online. You can only enable customer orders if you have activated at least one delivery mode. When enabled, customers can add items to the basket and checkout. Store staff can also select items and submit customer orders using the order capture facility.

Allow Customers To Place Orders in Your Store
Enable ordering
Customers Can Select Items and Submit Their Orders When Ordering Is Enabled
Order page has more details when shopping bas is disabled

If you deactivate ordering, customers will use your catalog as a menu but cannot order or pay online. Two additional ordering settings appear when customer ordering is disabled; Order Capture and Shopping Basket. By default, Order Capture is active while Shopping Basket is inactive.

To deactivate customer ordering, toggle the ordering button to Inactive.

Disable Ordering
When ordering is disabled, two settings appear on the page; order capture and Shopping basket.

Enable Order Capture – Waiter Ordering

Order capture is a feature that allows you to use GonnaOrder to take orders for customers – as you would do on a POS. It makes it easier for waiters to submit orders on behalf of customers without leaving the store’s administration panel.

The feature is always available for your store staff whenever customer ordering is enabled. Enabling customer ordering for a store also turns on order capture. Therefore, a store cannot support customer orders without supporting staff orders.

On the contrary, supporting staff orders while keeping customer orders disabled is possible. In that case, the manager disables customer ordering and leaves the Order Capture setting enabled.

This configuration allows customers to view your menu without allowing them to submit or pay for orders online. In that case, the role of taking orders solely belongs to the store staff.

Below are the configuration checks to disable customer orders and enable staff orders:

Confirm that at least one delivery method is selected

Disable ordering

Enable order capture

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Learn more about the order capture feature

Enable Order Capture
Enable order capture while ordering is disabled. The store cannot receive new orders.

If order capture is disabled, neither the customer menu nor the order capture interface for admin users allows new orders to be submitted to your store. However, store users can still add items to the shopping basket, regardless of whether the Shopping Basket setting is enabled or not.

When Order Capture is Disabled, Store Users Can Only Add Items to the Basket.
When Order Capture is Disabled, Store Users Can Only Add Items to the Basket.

This scenario, where both customer and staff ordering is disabled, should be reserved for exceptional cases where the store does not wish to receive any orders.


  1. A store that supports customer orders (through the customer menu) must also support staff orders via order capture. Turning on ordering automatically enables the order capture setting.
  2. Store staff can add items to the shopping basket even when the shopping basket setting is disabled.
  3. You cannot disable the order capture facility when ordering is enabled.

Enable Shopping Basket Only Mode

The Shopping basket feature allows customers to select items from your menu and add them to a basket even when ordering is disabled. When this feature is enabled and ordering disabled, customers cannot submit orders through your online store but can still select items they would like served to them.

Enable Shopping Basket
shopping basket enabled

When the shopping basket is enabled, desktop users will see their selected items on the right side of the catalog. Below is how the shopping basket looks. Clicking on the Proceed button expands the basket allowing the customer to view the selected items on the order details page.

Appearance of the Shopping Basket as Viewed From a Desktop
shopping basket as appears to a desktop user

Also, orders placed when the Shopping basket is enabled and Ordering disabled will not be sent to your Orders Dashboard. That is to say, you cannot confirm or reject the order through your store dashboard, and neither can you print nor download the order.

Customers Will Have To Share the Order With Store Staff Instead of Submitting Through Gonnorder
 Checkout page when Shopping basket is enabled

The Shopping Basket setting is enabled and hidden automatically when you enable ordering.

Disabling ordering and shopping basket turns your catalog into a digital, view-only menu. Customers cannot click on store items, add items to the cart, or place orders.

Disabling Ordering and Shopping Basket
Ordering and shopping basket disabled


  1. You can create a view-only menu for your store by disabling ordering and shopping basket.
  2. The shopping basket feature only works with the customer menu. It does not affect how store staff operates the order capture facility.

Activate Customer Authentication

The customer authentication feature enables customers to easily place orders in your store without the hassle of entering their details every time. This setting provides a convenient way for customers to log in to your store using the social media accounts.

To activate the customer authentication setting, toggle the Activate Customer Authentication button to Yes.

Activate Customer Authentication.
Activate Customer Authentication.

When activated, the customer can quickly sign in using their Google, Facebook, or Apple accounts. If deactivated (switched to No), customers have to re-enter their personal details each time they place an order.

The Store Has Enabled Customer Authentication.
Customer Authentication Enabled Using Social Media Accounts.
The Store Has Not Enabled Customer Authentication.
The Store Has Not Enabled Customer Authentication..
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Learn more about the customer authentication feature

Hide or Show Comments

A customer may submit two types of comments alongside their order: order comments and order items comments.

Customers can type order comments on the checkout page just before submitting an order. This comment will then appear as a note at the bottom of the order details page when you view the order in your store.

A Customer Entering an Order Comment
Order comments
Order Comments Appear as a Note for Store Users
Order comments for store users

You can hide the order comments field from customers, so you no longer receive special instructions or comments. Visit your store dashboard and go to Settings > Order Capture. Find the Hide Order Comments button and toggle to Yes. Customers will no longer be able to submit order comments along with orders as the comment field will not appear.

Hiding Order Comments
Hide order comments

Other than order comments, customers may also add a comment for every item they include in their order. The comment input field is available to users on the product details page just before one adds an item to the cart. Order items comments appear under the item name on the order details.

Order Items Comment Field Under Product Details
Order items comments field
Order Items Comments in Order Details Page
Order items comments in order details page

To hide order items comments, go to your store dashboard, and under order capture settings, toggle the Hide Order Items Comments button to Yes. Customers can no longer leave comments for the items they add to the cart as the comment field will not appear.

Hiding Order Items Comments.
Hiding order items comments

Add Items to Order With a Single Click

A customer can add an item to their order with a single click. This helps reduce the number of clicks a customer makes to complete an order. By default, this setting is enabled for new stores.

You can enable this feature by going to Settings > Order Capture and toggling the button labeled One click add to basket to Yes.

Enable Single Click Basket Update
Enable single click basket update

Customers can click on the + symbol on a store product to add an item to the shopping basket. If a store product has an image, then clicking on the image once will add the item to the shopping basket.

Click on the Product Image or + Symbol To Add Item to Cart
Click on the product image or plus symbol to add the item to cart

If the user wants to view the details of the store product, they should click on the item’s name, description, or price. Additionally, a one-click add-to basket only applies to items not associated with option groups or price variants.

Customers Can Click Anywhere Except the Image or Plus Symbol To View Item Details
click on the name, description or price to view details

When One click add to basket is disabled, customers can click anywhere on the product(including the image and the plus symbol) to view the product details page. The customers can then click Add to your order to add the item to the basket. This means more clicks even when the customer knows what they want to order.

Click Anywhere on the Product To View Details.
Click Anywhere on the Product To View Details.
Add Items to Basket From the Details Page.
Add Items to Basket From the Details Page.


  1. The one-click add-to-basket feature is enabled for all new stores by default. You can turn off this setting if you want customers to always view the long description before adding an item to their order.
  2. One-click add-to-basket only applies to items not associated with option groups or price variants.

Clear Basket and Order on Inactivity

GonnaOrder understands the importance of customer privacy. As a result, we have integrated a mechanism whereby a storeowner can enable customers to clear basket and order on inactivity. This means that customers’ basket and order can be automatically cleared if they’re inactive for some time.

To activate this setting, go to Settings > Order Capture and toggle the Clear basket and order on inactivity button to Yes.

Enable Clear Basket and Order on Inactivity.
Enable Clear Basket and Order on Inactivity

When activated, customers receive a pop-up notification informing them about their inactivity on the order checkout page. They can choose whether to continue (by clicking Yes) or clear their basket and order by clicking No. If no action is taken and the countdown elapses, then the order and basket as well as other details such as delivery address are automatically cleared.

Clear Basket and Order on Inactivity Setting in Action.
Inactivity Notification

When deactivated, the basket and order details on the checkout page are not cleared even if the customer stays inactive for long.


  1. The clear basket and order on inactivity setting is important for the pickup stores. On their phones, customers want to be remembered to avoid retyping their details but on the pickup store screens they would like their details to be forgotten to avoid exposure of personal data.
  2. By default, the clear basket and order on inactivity is disabled for new stores.