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Delete your Profile

You can delete your profile if you do not wish to continue using GonnaOrder. Your profile includes your GonnaOrder account and all stores associated with your account.

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How to delete my GonnaOrder profile

You can delete your GonnaOrder profile by following the steps below:

  1. Login to GonnaOrder
  2. Visit the profile deletion URL: https://admin.gonnaorder.com/manager/profile/delete
  3. Confirm profile deletion
Confirm to delete profile
Confirm you want to delete profile

Transfer store management to other people before deleting your profile

  1. Ensure you do not have active stores where you are the only manager before deleting your profile. You can invite other people to manage your stores to ensure they are not deleted along with your profile information.
  2. You cannot recover deleted profiles or stores. However, you can create a new account with a previously used email.

What happens when I delete my profile

Deleting your profile removes your account from GonnaOrder. You will no longer have access to the stores you previously created or which you are an operator.

All stores where you are the sole manager will be deleted from GonnaOrder. However, GonnaOrder will preserve stores to which you have access but are not the sole manager.

After deleting your old profile, you can create a new account with the email address.