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Manage Table Ordering Settings

Under table ordering settings, you can manage the customer information collected when customers submit orders, define the default location type, enable open tab ordering, and manage standalone payment settings.

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Customer Information for Table Orders

You may want to collect customer information for communication or other reasons. For table ordering the customer information fields can either be hidden, optional, or mandatory.

  • Hidden: Any field that you define as hidden will not be displayed to customers.
  • Optional: Customers are allowed to fill in or leave blank.
  • Mandatory: Customers must fill in the field to place an order.
Configure Mandatory Information for Table Ordering
Defining mandatory customer information fields for table ordering
Optional, Mandatory, and Hidden Fields
Optional, mandatory and hidden fields
All Customer Information Fields Set To Mandatory
All fields can be mandatory

Define the Default Location Type

In GonnaOrder a location can either be a table, room, or location. The table option should be used for on-premises dining tables, while the rooms can be used for rooms and enclosed spaces that are managed and served by your restaurant, bar, or hotel. A location, on the other hand, may refer to an office block, an institution, or a home where you do deliveries.

Rooms and locations do not have to be on the same premises as your food business. Thus, you can associate a room or a location with a street address.

Orders submitted to a room or location that is associated with a street address are treated as delivery orders. Such orders will be sent to your myNext delivery management dashboard for fulfillment.

To set the default location type, go to Settings >Table ordering and click on the Location type dropdown list to pick an option.

Read how to set up rooms and locations.

Setting the Default Location Type
Define default location type

Enable Open tab Ordering

Open tab ordering is a feature that allows your guests to submit multiple orders, and pay once or whenever they are ready. When this feature is enabled, the waiter can open an order tab for any given table. The guests sitting at the said table can then place as many orders as they wish and get a combined bill at the end of their visit.

The feature also allows store staff to search and filter open tab orders for any given table on your premises.

Learn how to enable and manage open tab ordering.

Enable Open tab Ordering
Enable open tab ordering

Manage Standalone Payment Settings

Standalone payments enable your guests to pay for their orders at any time while on your premises. Combined with Open tab ordering, this feature makes it easy for you to manage open tab orders and receive payments. Standalone payments are supported for orders submitted in GonnaOrder and Powersoft POS.

By enabling standalone payments, you make it possible for your guests to split their bills and tip your waiters.

Additionally, you will be able to use your preferred payment provider to receive order and tip payments.

Read further on how to manage standalone payments.

Enable Standalone Payments

Automatically Open Table on Ordering by Admin

This setting relates to open tab ordering where tables can be opened or closed by the waiter. It enables waiters to create open table tabs by submitting orders – without navigating to tables and opening tabs manually.

There are two possible cases where GonnaOrder can automatically open a table tab:

  1. Open tab ordering is enabled for the store and an admin user has submitted a new order to a closed table
  2. Open tab ordering is disabled for the store but enabled for a particular table, and a waiter has submitted an order to the given table

GonnaOrder will not automatically open order tabs unless this setting is enabled. Also, notice that orders submitted by customers through your online store cannot cause an order tab to automatically open.

Waiters Must Remember to Close Tables

Waiters should remember to close tables once patrons have paid and left. This allows for seamless order submission for new customers without any confusion or mix-up with previous orders.

Enable Gonnaorder to Automatically Open a Table When an Admin User Submits an Order