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Set Store Payment Options

In GonnaOrder, you can set order payments to be inactive, optional, or mandatory. If they are optional, customers can choose to pay online when submitting orders, or pay later with your preferred offline method. The available pay-later options may include cash and credit/debit cards.

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Deactivate Payments (Payments Inactive)

This option will be selected by default if you have not set up any payment methods for your store. If you choose this option, customers cannot pay online. It is a good option if your store maintains a strict cash payment policy.

Deactivate Payments by Selecting the Payments Inactive Option

When payments are inactive, customers will submit orders without paying for them. They can then pay in cash or card upon service, while picking up orders, or on delivery. The Submit Order button appears in place of Proceed to payment button.

Order Submission Page When Payments Are Deactivated
Order submission when payments are inactive

Make Payments Optional

You can make payments optional in your store for various reasons. Maybe you want to give customers more flexibility or you want to allow customers to pay later. When this option is selected, customers will get an option to choose to pay online when submitting the order or pay later using cash or credit/debit cards.

Making Order Payments Optional
Make payments optional

Set Your Preferred Pay Later Options

If settings are optional, your store can support the pay-later option. The feature allows customers to choose to either pay online when submitting orders or pay later with cash or a credit/debit card.

You can choose your preferred pay later option after making payments optional.

Select Your Preferred Pay Later Option
Pay later options: Cash, card, cash or card

Activate Default Payment Selection

You can encourage more customers to pay online even when you set payments as optional. This is possible through the Default payment selection toggle button available when you make payment optional. Switching this button to Preselected means the Pay now online option is always selected for new orders. Customers can switch to the pay later option if they want to skip the payment.

Set Default Payment Selection
Set your store to select online payment option instead of the pay later option

With this configuration, your store gives customers two payment options:

Pay now online – a customer chooses to pay online when submitting the order.

Pay later with configured option – this option allows customers to use offline payment methods like cash or card.

Optional Payments: Pay Now Online
Optional online payments
Optional Payments: Pay Later
Optional payments: choose to pay later

Payment Mandatory

As the name suggests, customers must pay online through GonnaOrder when submitting new orders. They will not be able to submit unpaid orders. It is an excellent way to enforce a pay-first policy.

Make Payments Mandatory

GonnaOrder does not ask customers when they would like to pay when payments are mandatory. Instead, they only enter their details and proceed to make payment. Payments are processed independently by your preferred payment provider.

Customer Must Pay Online To Submit Order
Payments are mandatory