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Connect to Last Mile Delivery Applications

GonnaOrder allows you to connect your store with delivery platforms available in your locality. This is one way to improve your store’s efficiency. You can configure your delivery applications through Settings > Last Mile Delivery. To start with, we do not have integrations for many delivery providers but information about each new delivery platform you can integrate with will always be available on this page. Notice that the section will also contain integration interfaces for other third party applications.

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Why should you connect with mynext last mile delivery application?

mynext is a last mile delivery platform with advanced features. The software allows your store to enjoy features that would otherwise be unavailable to you and your delivery personnel. It makes tracking and managing delivery orders seamless through data. You can only connect your GonnaOrder store with the mynext delivery provider if you have a mynext account.
Besides being a specialized delivery provisioning application, mynext has the following benefits to your store:

  • Real time data about order delivery
  • mynext has an auto dispatch engine that can help you streamline operations
  • The application comes with route optimization features that can help reduce delivery lags and hence improve customer satisfaction
  • It comes with built-in sms/viber notification system alongside real-time driver tracking capabilities
  • mynext has a built-in chat system that you can use to securely communicate with your delivery personnel
  • Customers can as well speak directly with their driver, dispatcher or your call center through the app

How to connect mynext

Connecting GonnaOrder with mynext last mile delivery is straightforward.
Login to your GonnaOrder administration account, and choose settings from the side menu. Under the settings panel, click on the Last Mile Delivery tab.

mynext is the first last mile delivery software on the list. Next to the mynext logo, click on the button labelled Connect with mynext.

Integrations: connect with mynext
Last mile delivery
You will need to provide your username and password for mynext. After entering the two in the respective fields, click on the Connect button to now link your GonnaOrder store to your mynext account.

Use mynext username and password to connect
Connecting to mynext with a username and password

On successful connection, your mynext account ID will appear under the Last mile delivery section. You can choose to disconnect your GonnaOrder store from mynext at any time. Further, you may choose to temporarily disable the mynext integration.
Notice that new delivery orders will not be communicated to mynext if you choose to disable or disconnect the application.

GonnaOrder store connected to mynext
mynext connected successfully

Navigate the mynext dashboard

After connecting GonnaOrder with your mynext account, you can login to the mynext administration dashboard.
You can register delivery agents to whom you will assign new orders for delivery. All delivery orders arriving in your GonnaOrder store will also be available in your mynext account dashboard. From the dashboard, you can assign each order to a delivery agent and track agents as they fulfill orders.

Delivery orders available in your store dashboard
Delivery orders in the store dashboard
Delivery orders on mynext dashboard
Store delivery orders replicated on mynext dashboard

On mynext dashboard, you can select an order and then click on the Assign to Agent dropdown. You then have to pick an agent to deliver the order to your customer. Once you assign an order to an agent, they will be notified of the new order that they need to pick from your store.

Assigning an order to a delivery agent
Assigning orders to riders in mynext
Additionally, you can change the due date of an order, print the order details, download a list of all orders in the dashboard, add new items manually, delete marked items, or clear the dashboard.
On mynext dashboard, the due date of an order shall be the Order Wish Date for cases where a customer explicitly selects a date or time for the delivery when placing an order in your store. For orders where a customer chooses to receive the order as soon as possible, the current date shall be the due date that is submitted to mynext along with the order information.

Action bar on mynext dashboard
mynext action bar

In mynext, every order is identified by a unique string of characters called the task identifier. You can view an order’s details by double-clicking on it from the main list. The delivery task identifier appears at the top of the order (different from GonnaOrder’s order identifier), and just below it is three information tabs.

The shipper tab has information about your store while the recipient tab shows receiving customer’s details including name, phone and address. The details tab shows the name of the agent assigned the delivery, customer selected delivery options and payments and agent rating enforcement options.

Delivery task details on mynext
Delivery task information on mynext