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Receive Payments With Other Payment Providers via a Link

Other than payment providers and methods available under GonnaOrder’s payment providers section, you may also receive payments through payment providers that support payment via a link. Similar to PayPal.me, you can let your customers pay online using your payment provider’s link after they have placed their orders.

Further, kindly note that your payment provider may charge you or your customer a transaction fee. Do some due diligence to learn what fees and charges your payment provider imposes and who (between you and the customer) will bear the cost. We advise that you only add payment providers whose terms you are comfortable with and who will not make your products more expensive for customers.

To set up a payment via other payment provider using a payment link, go to the Other section of your payment provider setting. You will need to fill in a payment provider name and provide the respective payment link. The payment provider name is essentially the name of the entity receiving the payment on behalf of your store.

Configure Links for Other Payment Methods
Payment Link Setting

When your customers visit your store and place an order, they will see a link with the payment option that you have added on the Thank-you page. GonnaOrder will display the name of your payment provider or method to the customer at the checkout page.  The customer is then redirected to the payment page to complete the transaction.

Check Out for Custom Payment Methods
Other Payment Provider