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Manage Store Items

Store items are the products you will display for sale. After successfully creating categories, you can list items under them. For example, Breakfast (Category) -> Garlic Bread (store item), Lunch (Category) -> Pizza (store item), Ice cream (Category) -> Vanilla Ice cream large (store item), etc.

GonnaOrder does not restrict the number of categories and items you can have in a single store, nor are there added costs for having more categories or items.

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Add a Store Item

Every item in your store must belong to a category. Therefore, you must create one or more categories before adding items. A category can have multiple items. Also, note that categories that do not have items listed under them do not appear in the customer menu.

To create a store item, click on the name of the category under which you want to add it, click on Add Item, and continue.

Adding a Store Item
Add an offer to a category

Naming a Store Item

The name should be brief and self-explanatory. Say, it should be easy for people to know what the product is about.

Naming a Store Item
Naming a store item

Set Item Descriptions

Short Description

A short description is a concise sentence about the product. It should clarify your product so customers understand what they are ordering. The short description appears on the menu and the item details page, just below the item name.

Appearance of the Short Description on the Catalog

Long Description

You can optionally add a long description to your product. It is useful when you want to explain more about your product or when you want to provide customers with more information about a store item. The long description appears on the item details page, below the product name, and the short description after the customer has clicked on the item on the menu.

The description field allows you to have new lines, bold words or phrases, write in italics, and link to external websites.
GonnaOrder will automatically detect a new line and a link to a website after you save the description. To add bold text, type two asterisks before and after the phrase or word, **bold**: bold. You can add an italicized phrase by typing two underscores before and after the phrase, __italic__: italic.

The Long Description Appears on the Details Page
A formatted offer long description

Highlight Items With Icons and Emojis

Icons and emojis can help attract customer attention to your items. You can add icons to the catalog name and short description, item name, short description, price description, and long description.
Please note that not all icons are supported.

You can copy and paste the following examples to your catalog (Only copy the symbol):

Star: ⭐ Sparkles: ✨ Sparkle: ❇️ Coffee: ☕ Eight spoked asterisk: ✳️ Ballot box with check: ☑️
Heavy checkmark: ✔️ Eight pointed black star: ✴️ Heart: ❤️ One: 1️⃣ Two: 2️⃣ Three: 3️⃣
Four: 4️⃣ Five: 5️⃣ Six: 6️⃣ Seven: 7️⃣ Eight: 8️⃣ Nine: 9️⃣
Category Names With Icons
Collapsed catalog showing category names with icons
Expanded Menu Showing Multiple Icons
You can use icons and emojis in the category name, category description, item name, price description, a short description, and long description.

Configure Prices and Discounts

Every product in your store can be associated with a price. However, these are optional; you may leave them blank and update them later. The currency used for prices in your store is selected based on the country/region of operations. To learn more about price, see how to set up prices & discounts.


Store items, price variants, and options can have negative prices.

Setting the Price of an Item
Add a price to your store item

Set discount for a store item
You can set a discount while creating your product. It is also possible for you to add a discount when editing a store item.
GonnaOrder has three possible discount choices:

  • Monetary Discount(Fixed Discount): You can provide discounts on the price amount of the product. Example: 5$, 10$, 15$.
  • Percentile discount : You can provide discounts on the percentage of the offered price. Example: 5 % , 10 %, 15 %.
  • No discount:
    The default selection for the discount will be “No Discount” for all new store items. You can change this and pick either of the above options.
Selecting Discounts Option
Choose a discount option

Marking Items as Visible and Orderable

You can choose to mark an item as Visible and Orderable or not. If you are not ready to sell products immediately or want to finalize some changes to the item, you can toggle the visible button to No. When the visible and orderable buttons are toggled to Yes, your product will be displayed, and your customers will be free to order.

Hiding and Allowing Ordering for a Store Item
Make an offer visible and orderable

On the other hand, if an item is either set to Not Orderable or Not Visible, then it would be greyed out in the GonnaOrder store administration interface. Further, non-visible items will not be included in the store menu. Customers will see products marked as not orderable on the store menu but cannot add them to their orders. Read more on how to mark items as visible or orderable.

Item Availability Based on Schedules

You can add Time Restriction to your store item. Adding time restrictions to your product will restrict your customers from ordering that item during the restricted time. Here, you can make an item available to customers within a specific duration of the day. For instance, you can use this setting to restrict customers from ordering snacks between 7 and 11 AM daily. For this, you need to know how to configure item availability based on schedules.

Controlling Item Availability With a Schedule
Restrict item availability with a schedule

Same Day Ordering

This item-level setting allows you to specify whether you can receive orders for a particular product and fulfill them on the same day. This is the Same day ordering feature. When this setting is enabled, customers can pick up or have their orders delivered from your store on the same day they place them. Otherwise, you can use same-day ordering to require customers to specify a date, other than the order date, when they would like to pick up or receive their order.

Allow Same Day Ordering for an Item
Same day ordering setting for offers

Count against Slot Count

The Count against slot count setting indicates whether an item is included in a customer order and will increase the number of items received for a slot. Only complex or time-intensive products should count toward the maximum number of items per slot. If a store serves Pizza and Coca-Cola soft drinks, we may consider Pizza a complex product.
You must set the maximum items per slot under Settings > Schedules before you can mark any item to count against slot count.
The Increment by field refers to the numeric value added to the slot count every time a customer submits an order, including one item of the product in question. The number depends on the complexity of the product relative to standard store items.

Set Store Item To Count Towards Slots Max Limit
Count against slot count

Saving a Store Item

GonnaOrder provides three save buttons, as explained below.

  1. Save: When you click this button, GonnaOrder will save the product and take you back to all items available in the current category.
  2. Save & Continue:  This button saves your product to the store (creates a new store item or saves changes) and keeps you on the current item details editing page.
  3. Save & Add New: Lastly, you can use the Save & Add New button to save a store item and create another new item in the same category.

Update an Item

You may want to update items already saved in the catalog for various reasons. For example, you want to change the price of a product, or you want to enable stock management. To update a specific store item, click on the name of the item’s category and then click the Edit icon.

Editing a Store Item
Click the edit icon to update offer

The item details page has details about a product, including the Stock Check setting unavailable on the add item page. Besides editing other fields, you can also provide the number of items in stock for any product you edit. The stock level can be anywhere between zero (0) and 100. See Setup stock features to understand how stock check works.

Enable Stock Check and Set Stock Level
Enabling stock check

Synchronizing With External Applications and Setting Item VAT

External product ID
The External Product ID field is helpful to you and your store if you have enabled integrations with external applications, e.g., POS via HubRise. It helps GonnaOrder communicate with external applications effectively when customers place orders via GonnaOrder or a connected POS.

For your integrated applications, e.g., POS via HubRise, you must ensure that a single external ID on GonnaOrder and the external application refer to the same item.

Item VAT
Some of the items in your store may have special VAT requirements. In that case, you will need to set up an item level VAT value, but only after you have set the default -store-wide VAT value. It is important to note that item-level VAT takes precedence over store VAT. Further, note that GonnaOrder uses VAT information to improve store statistics. VAT information is also displayed on order receipts.
You do not have to set the VAT value for every product since the default store VAT is sufficient for most products. Also, notice that the item VAT field is only available if you have set a store VAT.

External VAT ID
The external VAT ID field allows you to specify a tax ID that may be used on a linked application. It is mainly applicable for stores that use Powersoft POS.

Setting External Product ID, Item VAT, and External VAT ID
External product ID, Item VAT, and External VAT ID

Delete an Item from the Store

To delete a specific store product, click on the name of that category in which the item is placed and then click the Edit icon next to its name.
Click Delete at the bottom right corner of the page. This will be a good time to decide if you want to remove the product or if marking it as not sellable will meet your needs.

Deleting a Store Item
Click the delete on the bottom right

When you are sure you want to delete the store item, click OK on the confirmation message. This will remove the product from your store and your dashboard. Notice that the action is irreversible.

Confirm Item Removal
offer deletion confirmation prompt

Delete Multiple Items from the Store

You can also delete multiple items from the catalog. To delete items in bulk, select the checkbox next to each item that you want to delete.

Delete Items in Bulk
Bulk Delete

Click Delete on the top right corner of page. A confirmation window appears. Click OK to confirm the deletion. Note that this action is irreversible.

Delete Confirmation
Delete Confirmation