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Manage Offers

Offers are the products you will put in our store. You can reach your customers with your products as offers in our store. After successfully creating categories, you can create offers under those categories. For example, Breakfast (Category) -> Garlic Bread (Offer), Lunch (Category) -> Pizza (Offer), Ice cream (Category) -> Vanilla Ice cream large (offer), etc.

One best part about adding GonnaOrder as your sales facilitator is that, GonnaOrder doesn’t have any restrictions on the number of Orders that you create. Isn’t that great? Now, let’s look at managing the orders.

On This Page

Add an Offer

Click on the name of the category under which you want to add an offer and click on Add Offer. After that, you can start creating your order under that category by providing some information. Add an offer to a category
Add a Name to your offer. If your order name is short and self-explanatory then you have chances of receiving more orders for this offer. Naming an offer
Add a short Description to your offer. This short description should further clarify your product so the customers briefly understand what they are ordering. Like with the offer name, adding a short description and a long description (below) is straight forward.
You can add a long Description to your offer. Though this is an optional field, you should take the benefit of this and provide information about your offer. Especially, customers will find it useful if you are introducing a new type of offer.
Add a Price to your offer.
To learn more about Price see “Prices and Discounts”. Add a price to your offer
You can add a discount to your offer while creating your product. You are also allowed to add a discount when you want to edit an offer.
You can offer a discount on the offer in three ways
Monetary Discount(Flat Discount): You can provide discounts on the price amount of the offer. Example: 5$, 10$, 15$
– Percentile discount: You can provide discounts on the percentage of the offered price. Example: 5 % , 10 %, 15 %
No discount at all.
The initial selection for the discount will be “No Discount” as default by the system.
To learn more about Discounts see “Prices and Discounts”. Choose a discount option
Choose to mark the offer as Visible and Orderable or not. If you are not ready to sell your offers immediately or want to finalize some changes in the offer, you can toggle the visible and orderable buttons to No. When the two buttons are toggled to Yes, your offer will be displayed and your customers will be free to make an order.
(To learn more about marking sellable or not sellable see “Marking Items” Make an offer visible and orderable
You can add Time Restriction to your offer. Adding time restriction to your offer will restrict your customers to offer that order during the restricted time. Here, you can choose to make an offer available to customers within a specific duration of the day. For instance, you can use this setting to restrict customers to order snacks between 7 and 11 AM each day.
(To learn more about Time Restrictions “Marking Items” Adding a new time restriction
Saving an offer. We have three buttons to accomplish this.
– Save: When you click this button, the system will save the offer and take you back to all offers available in the current category. Three options for Saving an offer 
– Save & Continue:  This button saves your offer to the store (creates a new offer or saves changes) and keeps you on the current offer editing page.
– Save & Add New: Lastly, you can use the Save & Add New button to save an offer and create another new offer in the same category. Please note that if your Orderable button is toggled to Yes, your product can be ordered by your customers upon saving.

Preview an Offer

To preview an offer created, Click on Share & Preview in the catalog overview screen. Then click on Share & Preview Link.
This is how the offers are shown in the store.

The offer preview page

Update an Offer

You may want to update offers already saved in the catalog for various reasons. For example, you want to change the price of an offer or you want to enable stock management. To update a specific offer click on the name of that category in which the offer is placed and then click the Edit icon. Click the edit icon to update offer
The offer page has all details about an offer including the Stock Check setting that is not available in the add offer page. Besides editing other fields you can also provide the number of items that are in stock for any offer you are editing at any time. The stock level can be anywhere between zero (0) and 100. See Setup stock features to understand how stock check works.
Enabling stock check
After making these and other necessary changes, click on the Save button to return to the current category, Save & Continue to stay on the offer page, or Save & New to save changes and create a new offer in the same category.

Save offer after editing necessary fields

Delete an Offer

To delete a specific offer click on the name of that category in which the offer is placed and then click the Edit icon next to the name of the specific offer you are deleting. Click the edit icon to delete offer
Now, click Delete at the bottom right corner of the page. This will be a good time to think if you really want to delete the offer or simply marking it as not sellable will meet your purpose. Click the delete link on the bottom right
When you are absolutely sure that you want to delete the offer then click OK on the confirmation message. This will remove the offer from your store and your dashboard. Notice that the action is irreversible. offer deletion confirmation prompt