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Tables are the physical locations in your stores from which you receive orders. Every table has a unique table name or number, a unique link and QR code. A customer can scan the QR code of a table, view the menu and place an order. Since these QR codes include the table number, the store staff is notified that the order is coming from the specific table, room, or location. You can download these QR codes and print them yourself or with the help of a print house.

You can use the concept of tables to create QR codes for different locations of your store and premises to which you deliver or serve orders. Therefore, a table can refer to as a sofa in a night club, a bar area of a restaurant, a sunbed in a beach bar, a room in a hotel that allows the customers to request room service, an office location where items can be delivered, a house of some of your special customers, a bed in a hospital or anything else you can imagine.

Table QR codes