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Reorder Categories & Store Items

Reordering is to change the order of categories and store products as they are shown in the store. Reordering has to do with adjusting the display positions of categories and items in your menu. This affects which items appear first, and hence which items have more visibility.

You may move categories or items up the catalog to increase their visibility.

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Reorder Categories

This involves changing what categories appear first on your store menu. It may have an impact on what customers choose to buy especially if you have an extra-long list of categories.

Go to the Catalog menu to change the order of a particular category. Next,  Click and Hold on the name on the name of the category you want to move and Drag it either upwards or downwards until it is in its new desired position.

Changing the Position of a Category on the Menu
Changing the position of a category

Customer overview of the categories of your store before reordering the categories.

Initial Order of Categories
Initial order of categories

Customer overview of the category of your store after reordering the categories.

New Order of Categories
New order of categories

Reorder Store Items

To switch the order of display of your products according to your desire,

  1. Choose the catalog option; you will see all of your listed categories.
  2. Go to the specific category where your item is placed.
  3. Place your cursor on the name of the specific store item, you want to move.
  4. Click and hold then slowly drag the pointer to the new position.
    Changing the Order of Store Items
    Changing the order of store products
Store Items Before Reordering
Store items before reordering
Reordered Store Items
reordered store items

Reorder Option Groups

Option groups appear on the customer menu in the same order they appear in your store dashboard. However, this order is not permanent and you can change it at any time.
To rearrange option groups in an item, head over to its detail page and scroll to the option groups section. We will assume that you have at least two option groups in your store. And if that is the case, you will see directional arrows to the right of the name of every option group saved in your store. Using these arrows, you can move an option group either up or down.

The Customer Menu Before Rearranging Option Groups
Customer menu showing original ordedr of option groups and options

Click on the downward pointing arrow on the first option group to move it below the second group.

Rearranging Option Groups With Directional Arrows
Rearranging option groups

After the above operation, the customer interface will change and now the Pizza dough type group will appear before the ingredients. As we mentioned before, the order of option groups in your store may influence which options the customers choose. Therefore, it is advisable to switch the order of the option groups from time to time. Also, always ensure your option groups have descriptive names and a reasonable number of options.

The New Order of Option Groups on the Customer Interface
New order of option groups after reordering

Reorder Options

Like with option groups, you can change the order in which your options appear on the customer menu. Changing the order of items allows you to experiment and understand how the order affects customers’ choices. For example, you may want to change the order of options listed under an item if they are more than four.

To change the order of options, go to the specific store items under which they are listed and find the option groups section. Find the respective option group in which the options you would like to rearrange are listed and use the up and down directional arrows to move items higher or lower in the group. The new order will be used when customers view the item on the menu.

Change the order of options
reorder options
Order of Options Before Rearranging
Original order of options
Order of Options After Rearranging
New order of options