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Reorder Categories & Offers

Reordering is to change the order of categories and offers as they are shown in the store. Reordering has to do with adjusting display positions of categories and offers in your store.

In other words, reordering means to showcasing your categories and offers differently with the aim to gain more attention of the customers for your targeted products.

On This Page

Reorder Categories

  1. Go to the Catalog menu to change the order of a particular category. Next,  Click and Hold on the name on the name of that category. Then Drag it to reposition the category name to desired order.
  2. Customer overview of the categories of your store before reordering the category.
  3. Customer overview of the category of your store after reordering the category.

Reorder Offers

  1. In order to switch the order of display of your offers according to your desire,
    1. Choose the catalog option; you will see all of your listed categories.
    2. Go to the specific category where your offer is placed.
    3. Place your cursor on the name of the specific offer, you want to replace.
    4. Then, slowly drag the pointer to the other offer; you want to place it now.
  2. Customer overview before Reordering the offer.
  3. Customer overview after Reordering the offer.