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The statistics section provides you different insights for your store. First, you can select a time frame for which statistics will be shown. For this time frame, you can see how many orders are placed for your store. You can also see how many times your customers viewed the menu and the total number of orders placed. Finally, you can see the value of the orders and download a summary or details of order items placed in your store during the given time.


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Statistics time frame and structure

You can view statistics for a period of up to 12 months based on the selection using ‘From’ and ‘To’ dates. By default, the period of the last 6 months is selected, but you can change this to suit your needs.

Statistics date range

All the items in the statistics support two views: The graphical view and the tabular format.

  • The graphical view shows an graph of the statistics for the given time period per month. This will help you analyze your monthly orders, and make a comparison between the last month and the previous months. You can also set your targets based on these monthly charts.
  • For those who want to view the exact values, you can find them in tabular format. The results are shown in table format with a row per month.

Number of Orders

The first tab of the statistics shows the orders in their different order stautuses. On the top of the tab you can see the total number of orders

The order statuses that are available are described below:

  • Submitted – A customer has submitted these orders but no user has opened them yet in the order dashboard These orders are still in the open orders list of the orders dashboard.
  • Received – A user has opened these orders in the order dashboard but has not confirmed them yet.
  • Confirmed – A user has viewed thse orders and accepted them for processing.
  • Cancelled – A user has rejected these orders and has marked them as Rejected.

Statistics for Orders graphical view

Statistics Orders Table view
For further explanation of the different order statuses see help on Orders

Number of Menu Viewings

The menu Viewings tab shows the number of customers who have used the application to explore the menu of your store that have not placed an order. Every menu viewing counts once for every visit to the site for the same day from the same device.

Menu viewings

Statistics Menu table

Have a look at the examples below to understand how GonnaOrder counts the menu viewings:

  • Mutliple visits on the same day using the same device: A user views the website and returns from the same device after 1 hour and doesn’t place an order. This counts as one menu viewing as it comes from the same device and it is for the same day.
  • Visit that results to an order: A user views the website and places an order. This does not count as a menu viewing but as an order.
  • Visit using a different device on the same day: A user views the website from their mobile phone and then views it after a minute from a tablet and doesn’t place an order. This counts as 2 menu viewings as it involves different devices.
  • Visit on two different days without placing an order: A user views the website without placing an order and returns after 2 days without placing an order. This is counts as 2 menu viewings as it occurs on 2 different days.

Order Value

The Order Value tab displays statistics on the total value of the orders that are placed via GonnaOrder. On the tab on the top, you can see the total monetary amount of the orders. If you have enabled online payments for your store, you will see the split between the orders paid online and not paid online.

  • You will also find the statistics on the orders of your store which were not paid marked as Total Non-Paid. Your store will definitely have different statistis and the images provided on this page should only act as a guide.
  • Statistics Over Value Graphica View

    Statistics Over Value Tabular View

    Download order items reports

    The order items tab of the statistics section provides you with options to download a summary of all orders placed in your store. You can then use the summary to learn what offers have been performing well and those others that performed dismally during any given period. You also get an option to download an itemized list of all items you sold during a certain period.

    A view of the order items tab in statistics

    The difference between the summary and the itemized list is that a summarry is generally an overview of how different offers performed while an itemized list is more detailed and links offer items to the order token (order number) associated. The itemized order details list also contains the order date, and order status among other details.

    A section of the order item summary
    The order item summary
    A section of the order items details list
    The order item details list

    If you would like to request more statistics about your store, please contact us through the contact form. After we receive your request, we then provide the desired statistics to you.