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Manage the Order Settings

The Ordering tab under Settings is where the store owner sets the options about the types of orders to accept. This is the place where the store owner tells the customer whether the customer has the option of home delivery of items or not and whether the customer can pick up his or her orders at the store or not.

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Select Your Delivery Options

  1. To select your Delivery Modes for your store, click on Settings from the GonnaOrder menu and then click Ordering. As you can see in the image below, by default, the Ordering slider is disabled. Once you select one or more Delivery Modes, the Ordering slider is automatically enabled.
  2. There are three Delivery Modes as shown in the image above. You can select any one of them or any combinations of two of them or all three of them based on the delivery model of your business.

    The First Option — Serve at a Table — allows your customers to place their orders directly from the table of your physical cafe, restaurant, or hotel. To enable this option, you must first create Tables in your store.  Learn how to create “Tables”. The screenshot below shows how the ‘Serve at a Table’ option is displayed to your Customer when the customer also chooses that option while ordering.

  3. The Second Option on the Ordering tab for the Delivery Modes is Pickup. This allows your customers to pick up their orders in person from your physical cafe, restaurant, or hotel. This is how the Pickup option is shown to your customer when the customer chooses the ‘pickup’ option.
  4. The Third Option available is “Delivery at address.” This gives the option to your customers to get their orders delivered at their doorsteps. This is how the ‘Delivery at address’ option is shown to your customer when the customer chooses to have the order delivered at an address.
    Note: For the Pickup and Delivery options, the customers can choose the date and time also.

Manage Ordering

  1. As noted before, once you select at least one delivery mode, the Ordering slider will automatically slide to the right and become enabled.

    Settings Ordering

  2. If you do not wish to keep any delivery option at your store, you can disable ordering by moving the slider to the left in the Ordering tab.

Shopping Basket

The Shopping Basket feature lets your customers make selections from your store’s menu items and add them to the customer’s shopping basket. When all the Delivery Modes are ‘unselected,’ you will see the Shopping Basket Slider in the Disabled position.

Settings Ordering1


However, once the Ordering Slider becomes enabled when you choose one or more Delivery Modes, the Shopping Basket Slider disappears as it is automatically enabled.

Settings Ordering4


However, the Shopping Basket Slider shows up in the ‘Enabled’ position once the Ordering Slider has been moved to the ‘Disabled’ position.

Settings Ordering5


This will enable your customers to browse your store’s selections and offerings and add them to their shopping basket even if they are unable (or unwilling) to purchase (or order those items right at that moment).

Select Payment Options

In order to allow your customers to check out their order, there is a payment setup option in the ordering tab.

You can select your Payment Option in the Ordering tab. Payment Options are only available after you make an account with one of the Payment Providers. The Stripe payment gateway can be integrated as of now from the Payment Providers tab. Learn all the details about the features and options available for making online payment on the Manage Payment Providers tutorial.

You will see the Payment Options as in the screenshot below. And if you haven’t connected your Stripe account, you’ll see “Payment options are disabled because no payment method for the store has been enabled” message. However, after connecting the payment gateway, you can choose from among the three options.

The three Payment Options available to you are as follows:

Payment Disabled
If you select this option, your customer will not be able to pay for their orders online on

Payment Optional If you choose this option,  then your customers will have an option to pay for their orders online on if they wish.

Payment Mandatory
This Option will bound your customers to pay for their orders online on; else, they will not be able to proceed.