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Connect Your Store to EPOS Direct

The integration of EPOS Direct with GonnaOrder enables you to seamlessly connect your physical EPOS system with the digital world of online ordering. By combining the capabilities of EPOS Direct with GonnaOrder, you can achieve real-time synchronization of orders and sales data between your online store and your POS. You will be able to view and manage orders submitted online on the EPOS Direct terminal.

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Connect your store to EPOS Direct

Connect your store to EPOS Direct to effectively manage online orders. To connect your store, GonnaOrder needs access to the EPOS Direct.

Support Delivery Orders with EPOS Direct

The integration between EPOS Direct and GonnaOrder supports:

Delivery orders– all delivery orders are sent to your EPOS.

To integrate the EPOS Direct, navigate to Settings>Integrations and locate EPOS Direct section. Click Connect with eposdirect.

Connect to EPOS Direct
Connect to Epos Direct

Complete the connection by entering the following details:

URL: Enter the store URL.

Username: Enter the username for connection.

Password: Enter the password for connection.

Click Connect to complete the integration.

Complete the Integration
Connect Button

Setup your Catalog

Once the EPOS Direct is integrated into GonnaOrder store, you can add products to sell. Products in a store’s catalog can have images, prices, categorization style, and other related information.

In the Catalog interface of your GonnaOrder account, you can add, edit, delete, and manage your categories and menu items.

Delivery Orders

With the EPOS Direct integration, delivery orders submitted to GonnaOrder are sent to your EPOS. This includes orders submitted by customers on your GonnaOrder online store and those submitted by waiters through order capture.

Once an order is placed, the EPOS direct receives the following important information from GonnaOrder:

  • Order Reference: Generated once order is placed from GonnaOrder.
  • Customer Name: Name entered by the customer in GonnaOrder.
  • Post Code: Postcode entered by the customer in GonnaOrder.
  • Email: Email ID provided by the customer in GonnaOrder.
  • Order Value: Total amount of the placed order.
  • Paid Value: Total amount paid for the order.
  • Delivery Fee External ID: This is sent to EPOS direct when the delivery fee is sent as a product and has an external id (whether it is on store level or zone level)
  • External Product ID: If a product has a variant, then the variant’s external product ID is sent to EPOS Direct.
Orders from GonnaOrder
GonnaOrder Orders

If the order consists of parent order and a variant, the delivery orders submitted from GonnaOrder to your EPOS will display the variant item details as well.

Price Variants
Price variants Orders

Disconnect EPOS Direct

You can always disconnect GonnaOrder from your EPOS if and when you no longer need GonnaOrder to send new orders to your POS.

To disconnect GonnaOrder from EPOS Direct, click the Disconnect button under the EPOS Direct integration section. This will permanently disconnect your GonnaOrder accounts, and GonnaOrder will no longer send orders to your EPOS Direct system.

Disconnect EPOS Direct