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Setup Prices & Discounts

Offers need prices, that is what comes in as your revenue after you sell, right? And, if you have to clarify your pricing, you can add price description to an offer in your GonnaOrder dashboard.

Also, as an owner of the store, you might want to experiment with several products, prices, fixings, and discount rates offered. In order to maintain a proper listing of your store’s offer, you can set up prices and discounts.

On This Page

Setup Price for an Offer

  1. To Set up price of an offer
    – First, go to Catalog
    – Then, select the category in which the offer is placed.
  2. Now, click on the edit icon of the specific Offer where you want to add an image.
    – In the screenshot below, you see the edit icon highlighted beside the Hot & Sour Offer
  3. Scroll down to Price and add your desired price for that offer.
    You can add price denomination in decimals too. It is your choice and is optional.
  4. Click on the Save button to save your price for the offer.
    -Note: Please check the respective links you want to add Price Variant or Translation.

Add Price Description to an Offer. (Optional)

  1. To add price description to an offer, Scroll down to Price Description in offer overview screen.
  2. Add relevant description to your price and Click Save.
    You can use price description to clarify the pricing, such as Introductory Price or Special Price.



Discount section provides relaxation to the price of the offers for your customers. And with that it also helps to boost your sales. When working with GonnaOrder, there are different types of discounts

  1. Monetary Discounts
  2. Percentile Discounts

These options are available below price description bar in the category in which the aforesaid offer is placed. You may make necessary updates for the same.

Monetary Discounts

To add discounts based on the price amount of the offer. Example Includes, 5$, 10$, 15$, etc.

Percentile Discounts

To add discounts based on the percentage of price of the offer. Example Includes, 5%, 10%, 15%, etc.

Add Discounts to Offers. (Optional)

If you want to add a discount to any offer, you can do so. You can choose either you want to avail this discount in monetary form or in percentile form. In a straight line to the discount bar, you will see the three sections with the radio buttons.

  1. Choose the type of discount you want to add, either Monetary or Percentile and select it.
  2. For Monetary Discount add the value of the Discount for your offer.
  3. This is how Monetary Discounts are shown in Store.
  4. For Percentile Discount, click on the text field and select the percentage discount from the dropdown options.
  5. Now, after discount type and discount value, click Save.
  6. This is how Percentile Discounts are shown in Store.

Make the best use of discounts, offer discounts on different occasions and grab more sales from your GonnaOrder store!