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Manage Store Catalog on GoAdmin App

The GoAdmin app seeks to make store management a lot easier. Store staff can now update the catalog on the go. However, users will not be able to perform advanced changes on the catalog. Note that this may change with time as new functionalities arrive in the app. You will still need to have a desktop computer or laptop with which you can perform key store management tasks including, but not limited to, updating store settings.

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View Store Catalog

With the GoAdmin app, all store management staff will be able to view the store catalog and all the categories and items in it. By default, the catalog will appear collapsed, showing a list of categories where each category can then be expanded with a single tab.

After opening the app, you can tab on the Menu icon on the top left section of the screen then tab the Catalog menu entry to view listed item categories.

Open Catalog From the Menu
Open store catalog from the menu
View Store Catalog Collapsed
Collapsed catalog

Update Catalog

As previously mentioned, not all catalog management features will be available on the GoAdmin app. To start with, you will be able to update some item details and item settings. It is important to note that both store administrators and standard users will interact with the catalog menu to achieve the same goals.

You cannot edit or update category details or settings via the GoAdmin app.

For store items, you will be able to update the following details:

  • Visibility
  • Orderable status
  • Stock check status and
  • Stock level
Update Store Item on Goadmin App
edit item details in GoAdmin


Items that are out of stock (stock level is 0) and those for which you disable ordering will be greyed out on the catalog. This should enable you to remember and check any items that may need further updates.