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Translations are important in stores that are likely to sell to people speaking more than one language. You can add translations for all the labels in your store and for as many languages as you like. Translations make your store accessible to more people through the different languages you provide translations for.

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How catalog translations work

GonnaOrder catalogs support multiple languages. Therefore, it is possible to have your categories and offers listed in different languages. Essentially, you can translate every editable detail in your store.

When a user visits your GonnaOrder store and you have added translations for one or more languages, the store will be presented in their default browser language. That is to say, a person who has set their browser to view pages in French will view your store in French if you have it as one of your store languages.
If such a person prefers to view the page in another language, then they can change the language by clicking on the globe icon on the upper right part of the store interface as shown in the next image. the globe icon used to switch languages

Add Translations to Categories & offers

As a store manager, you are aware of the people living in your locality and the languages that are spoken thereabout. Therefore, you can decide to put translations so that people find it more appealing to visit your outlet. With GonnaOrder, you can add or change any label that you can update through the store dashboard. Here are the labels you can translate in the store.
– Categories attributes

  • Name
  • Short Description

– Offer attributes

  • Name
  • Short Description
  • Long Descriptio
  • Price Description

– Option group attribute

  • Name

– Option attributes

  • Name
  • Short Description

This section will use a category as an example case to show you how to add translations to the store.

To add Translations to a category, go to the catalog page. Click on the name of that category and then click on the Edit icon.edit categories to add translations
This brings up the category editing page with the details of the selected category pre-filled. Scroll the page to find the Add New Translations link and click on it to continue. click add new translation link
Now, select a language from the drop-down list in which you want to show your category. Write the Name and a short description of that category in the chosen language if you are familiar with it. Otherwise, click the google translate link and copy the results of the translation back in the translation page, each in its respective field. Click the Google Translate link for automated translation

Finally, click on the Save button to save the translation. Now, when users familiar or speaking the languages for which you have translated labels visit your store, they will see them displayed in their language. Say, for instance, that your categories are written in English and you have added translations for French. In that case, users whose browser’s primary language is French will view the store categories in French and not English.

Translating offers, option groups and options is very similar to the process illustrated above.

When you have finished adding translations to your store, you can preview them to see how the translated content will appear to your visitors. This feature should allow you to see if there are any errors in the translations and give you a chance to correct them before publishing.

To preview your Translations, Click Share & Preview in the side menu of your dashboard.
Then click on Share & Preview link.gonnaorder - preview and share link
Click on the Globe Logo in the top right corner of the Store. The globe icon will be visible to your users for as long as you have translations in your store.  Clicking the language selector icon
Switch the language to the ones in which you have put Translations and click OK.
Selecting a translation

Change & translate labels via excel

With the GonnaOrder system, you can change and translate all labels in your store with a single click of a button. Labels in this case refer to any details you can edit through your store dashboard including but not limited to category names, offer names, and translations. This process will update everything on your store and is useful when you want to translate all your labels to one or more languages. The advantage of adding translations this way is that you can translate everything without making frequent switches between the store dashboard and google translate pages. Generally, it is much easier to track your translations on a file.

Click on Catalog in the store list menu and scroll to find the Change & Translate Labels button. Click on it and proceed as instructed below.Change and translate labels on your store

Click the excel file icon to download a catalog with all your store labels. Downloading store catalog and uploading it after translations
Open the file you downloaded above to update the various labels in your GonnaOrder store. Notice that the file has a special structure that you should not change. Now you can manually update every field including offer names and translations. changing and translating labels

Once you are satisfied with the changes, click on the Choose File button and select the file. The Upload now button will only come up if you have selected a file. Click on it for your changes to take effect.  changing and translating labels