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View the List of your Stores

You can have multiple stores in GonnaOrder. The Stores List provides you an option to manage all of them in one place.

However, this option is only available to the users who have created multiple stores in their account. If you’d want to add a new store, please follow the store registration instructions.

In case you created multiple stores with different accounts and want them to be listed under one account, please contact our support team by sending an email to support@gonnaorder.com.

All stores created under the same user account will appear in the same store list. You can click the Stores List on the application dashboard to see all stores created under the current account.

Choose stores list from side menu
GonnaOrder - Stores List

The store list shows high level details of every store you have. These include the name, the GonnaOrder domain associated with each store and the subscription status for every store.

People with a long list of registered stores can also search specific stores using either the name or the GonnaOrder domain. You need to know a minimum of the first six characters from the name or domain to use the search feature effectively.

Searching the list of stores
Searching the store list

When managing multiple stores, you’ll often need to change the products and catalog. To do that, you can select the store or domain from here and follow the catalog management processes. You can check which store you are currently working on by viewing the top bar as shown in the image below.

Checking the current store