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Get more revenue from room service

Say goodbye to the traditional phone-call-based room service approach. Maximize revenue by embracing a new digital room service solution that encourages hotel guests to spend more. Give guests the freedom to order room service conveniently using their phones without leaving the room. They can also pay for the room service orders though online payment methods, enhancing convenience. Since orders go directly to the kitchen, hotel staff can serve them faster, avoiding the load to the reception.

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Utilize your staff better with digital sunbed ordering

Streamline your sunbed ordering process by letting customers conveniently place their orders using their smartphones. Orders will go directly to the restaurant’s service area, promoting timely delivery of sunbed orders. Waiters no longer have to navigate long distances to collect orders from distant sunbeds. Top that with convenient and secure online payment of sunbed orders and make the process smoother than ever before.

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Enhance your guest experience with table ordering

Turn tables faster with a digital table ordering solution. Place QR code on tables and let customers scan to view your hotel menu, place, and pay for orders without leaving the table. Waiters don’t have to go around collecting orders – instead, they can focus on delivering them, promoting faster service. The result? Happier customers and improved revenue per table. 

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Why Choose GonnaOrder Digital Ordering Solutions?

Give Customers a Better Experience

Let customers have the freedom and power to directly view your menu, place orders, and pay conveniently using their smartphones in their preferred language without having to wait for the waiter or call the receptionist. Whether they're ordering from their sunbeds, rooms, or tables, customers can instantly place orders and pay for them at their convenience.

Streamline Your Order Operation

The ordering process is no longer time-consuming or inefficient with GonnaOrder’s sunbed, room service, and table ordering solutions. Once the customer places an order online, it goes directly to the kitchen or main service area, eliminating the chances of errors. Therefore, waiters can focus more on delivering orders rather than taking them. Additionally, GonnaOrder allows for automated printing of orders and POS integrations, saving more time.

Generate More FnB Revenue

With self-service digital ordering solutions, which can be integrated into QR codes, customers find it easier to place and pay for orders. Therefore, customers will likely place more orders than ever before from the table, sunbed or room. The outcome? More spontaneous orders from the guests that result in more revenue.

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Iperion beach hotel in Crete, Greece uses GonnaOrder as their QR code ordering system for ordering from the guest rooms, the sunbeds at the beach and pool bar and the hotel’s restaurant

What they achieved

Best guest experience with easy mobile ordering without waiting

More revenue from spontaneous guest orders everywhere in the hotel

Fast order management through automation with their POS system

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All the features you need for your hotel digital ordering


Dynamic QR menu
3-click menu update
Time & date-based menu
Stock management


QR table ordering
Open table tab
Pay now or pay later
Order status update


Order dashboard
Order notifications
POS integrations
Automatic Printing


Discount Rules
Upsell Rules
Real-time analytics
Financial reports & VAT

How much does your cost to digitize your hotel ordering?

A single subscription for your hotel ordering that includes:

Digital QR menu

Customer ordering

Online payments

Room service ordering

Sunbed ordering

Table ordering

For ONLY €39 €32.5 /month

you digitize your hotel ordering experience

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Digitize your hotel ordering now!

Give your guests an easy and fast way to order and pay from everywhere in your hotel. Increase your F&B revenue and make your hotel operations efficient.

Digital room service

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