Product Updates


We constantly work on improving the GonnaOrder Order & Pay Platform. Check here for the latest features and bug fixes added to the latest releases. We release weekly product updates for bugs fixes, improvements, and new features so feel free to check this page regularly. The releases are done every Monday morning CET so feel free to check this page on Tuesdays to check what has been included in the latest release.

Date Product Update
5 Dec 2022
  • Statistics data, graphs and Excel download reports for parent stores shows total data from the child stores and not from the parent
28 Nov 2022
  • Tracking of order submitted time and time that the payment starts in the system so that it does not get lost
  • Change of layout of the payment settings administrator page
  • Display of external delivery id of WeDeliver and external order id of Powersoft in the order dashboard page
  • Submission of customer phone number to WeDeliver
  • Layout change of the horizontal menu on the customer UI interface to always show the left & right arrows
21 Nov 2022
  • Display of the customer phone number on WeDeliver dashboard for stores having Integration with WeDeliver
  • Increase of the number of characters of the Location / Table comment to have the same number as the descripton
15 Nov 2022
  • UI Change the rounding of images of product items on customer UI
  • UI Fix alignment on the View order button
  • UI change for the width of the Pay online for your order button when scrolling and fix height and transparency issues