Product Updates


We constantly work on improving the GonnaOrder Order & Pay Platform. Check here for the latest features and bug fixes added to the latest releases. We release weekly product updates for bugs fixes, improvements, and new features so feel free to check this page regularly. The releases are done every Monday morning CET so feel free to check this page on Tuesdays to check what has been included in the latest release.


  • [Enhancement]Better application responsiveness as a result of optimized system calls.
  • [Issue fix]Fetch and display correct option groups when a store admin is editing an ordering rule.
  • [Issue fix]Enforce proper character encoding for special characters in the order notification email for languages like German, French, Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish.


  • [Issue fix]Reduced application response time when adding items to the cart. Checkout page to load order changes without freezing momentarily.
  • [Issue fix]Items in the customer's basket/order to always be displayed according to their sequence in the catalog. Items that appear first in the catalog/menu should always appear first in the order basket, order overview page for customers and the order details page for admin users.
  • [Issue fix]The order PDF sent via email to both the customer and the store admin to show order sent date that refers to when the order is submitted to the store instead of the time the customer started adding items to the basket.
  • [Issue fix]Back to the menu button to work properly for the standalone payments page even when the store has general opening times set.
  • [Issue fix]Improved internal order response (JSON). Order response to only show items once and prevent duplication.
  • [Issue fix]Technical upgrade for, a component of the ordering interface.


  • [Feature]Custom theme colors and fonts available under branding settings for all stores. More Info
  • [Enhancement]GonnaOrder stores to fetch and sync item, price variant, and option prices from Shopify if the integration is added. Stores to add item VAT information when sending order to Shopify..
  • [Issue fix]Automatically enable the "Submit Order" button if a user picks their address from Google's auto-complete list.
  • [Issue fix]Order overview page to always show correct order details when admin user clicks the "update order" button even without refreshing the page after a similar operation on a different order.
  • [Issue fix]Show appropriate discount voucher translation for standalone payments for orders instead of showing translation key.
  • [Issue fix]Fix for "Thank you" page not showing for JCC payments.


  • [Enhancement]Standalone payment link displayed on the order details page for all payment providers except PayPal and other payment providers added via a link by users.
  • [Issue fix]Bigger back icon on the standalone payments "Thank you" page and a larger clickable area around it regardless of whether the store has cover and product images.
  • [Issue fix]Fix issue where checkout page is automatically scrolling down when the customer clicks on proceed to checkout or view order
  • [Issue fix]Display the "Payments options are inactive..." message appropriately if no payment provider is enabled for a store. Message should not be shown if at least one provider is enabled.


  • [Enhancement]Bigger icon for the back icon across different screens and increasing of the clickable area so that it is easier to distinguish and click.
  • [Issue fix]Remove ordering rule options from the cart if the minimum order amount for the rule is set to zero and the user has removed all items from the cart.
  • [Issue fix]When an item has mandatory options and no options are selected, the 'Add to your order' button should not be displayed as active
  • [Issue fix]Show order summary when user clicks "View order" or "Proceed" and prevent application from auto-scrolling to the customer details section of the checkout page.
  • [Issue fix]Print table pin dialog fixed so it does not open when a user clicks the enter button when editing room or location details.
  • [Issue fix]Show Stripe checkout instead of BanContact and Ideal for stores purchasing GonnaOrder subscription in Belgium and Netherlands.
  • [Issue fix]Clean up the address line logic to prevent saving the region and country twice. Also, set all store address fields to empty if the country field is edited.


  • [Enhancement]Change of how stores submit information for Facebook website verification. More Info
  • [Issue fix]Automatically enable the "submit order" button for delivery mode if a customer's details are prefilled by social authentication.
  • [Issue fix]Resolve issue of payment page constantly reloading when table ordering delivery mode is selected on checkout and the incognito browser's back button is clicked.
  • [Issue fix]Viva Wallet integration fixed to prevent continuous loading of the payment page when the browser back button in clicked in incognito mode. Browser back button should return user to their order summary.
  • [Issue fix]Automatically re-generate QR code pdfs whenever the store name is changed like when the store domain or table labels are updated.
  • [Issue fix]Greek Translations updated for "Now online" to "Τώρα online" on the checkout page.


  • [Feature]Support for Globalpay payments as a payments provider More Info
  • [Feature]WooDelivery integration available in all countries, allowing integration with address delivery software.
    More Info
  • [Enhancement]Enhanced application performance to ensure that the speed for loading the store list screen is improved
  • [Issue fix]Fixed multiple issues with how schedule-restricted items appear on the menu, how schedules control ordering when the store is closed and future ordering disabled, and fixes in order capture when "Request order date upfront is disabled" or default ordering mode is not selected.
  • [Issue fix]Value for "Visible" setting to default to true if not provided when importing catalog to a new store that didn't have a catalog before. If left empty when updating catalog, it is ignored and the setting remains as is.
  • [Issue fix]Removed extra line that appeared just above category headers in the catalog.


  • [Enhancement]New Version of Autoprint Desktop Application that handles timeouts better More Info
  • [Feature]Support for custom colours and fonts for the customer interface to allow stores to have their own branding. This feature is not yet available via the admin interface. More Info
  • [Feature]Payment settings displayed under payment providers in the admin interface. Different wording for pay later options to include cash or credit card payment options. If payments are optional, the default option will be online payments. More Info
  • [Enhancement]New buttons for options creation and addition for "Save and Continue" and "Save and add new" to make adding of options faster via the admin interface. More Info
  • [Enhancement]Validation message to be displayed when disassociating option groups on the admin interface.
  • [Issue fix]Fixing behaviour of back to menu button after successful standalone payment
  • [Issue fix]Issue fix for label of location type Location changed to table on customer UI when your order page is refreshed
  • [Issue fix]The selected default ordering mode should appear as pre-selected on the store
  • [Issue fix]Fix order sequence on order dashboard to be based on the submitted at date for all screens and not based on they were created or updated.
  • [Issue fix]Always display of the correct admin UI thank you page on order capture and not the customer UI.


  • [Feature]Internal Description for option groups to allow distinguishing option groups with the same name More Info
  • [Enhancement]Import Catalog from Excel to Support images without extension in the URL
  • [Issue fix]Duplicate display of price variant if there are discounts
  • [Issue fix]Order Notification and Printing happening twice for paid orders
  • [Issue fix]Extra space shown in the QR code pdf if description is too long
  • [Issue fix]Incorrect or missing order validations for paid orders after clicking on proceed to payment - email not mandatory for order capture
  • [Issue fix]Fix for cases where payment is done successfully and order is submitted, but user sees the Stripe failure page
  • [Issue fix]Missing translations in admin interface
  • [Issue fix]Issue fix with JCC payments possible with 0.0 amount
  • [Issue fix]Sodexo Belgium VAT validation discount fix


  • [Feature]Improvements in the Facebook Pixel Integration to capture events of adding to basket, proceeding to checkout and order submitted More Info
  • [Enhancement]Minor changes to print of address and city data for locations on the receipt
  • [Issue fix]Stock update from Shopify to GonnaOrder to work as expected and new Shopify parameter added


  • [Feature]Added new fields to catalog excel import template file for VAT to allow users to update the item VAT, set item to be visible/hidden, and move items up or down within the same category in the menu through excel. More Info
  • [Feature]Introduction of a new setting to automatically accept orders. Orders in stores with this setting enabled will be autoprinted and sent to integrations and a one-time notification message will be pushed. The order will automatically be set to status accepted and will skip the received status More Info
  • [Enhancement]More user friendly error messages if importing a catalog from excel encounters issues. Specific cell number blocking the import to be included in the error. More Info
  • [Enhancement]Style change on the font size for price variants on the customer order and basket pages
  • [Enhancement]Technical Upgrade for Stripe integration flow
  • [Issue fix]Fix issue that the date picker time option on the checkout page was not appearing if "Request order date upfront" was not enabled
  • [Issue fix]Fix for mobile apps using Stripe not working properly
  • [Issue fix]Fix error occuring when an ordering rule is deleted
  • [Issue fix]Fix facebook pixel integration


  • [Feature]Customer data e.g., name, email, phone number, and address to be saved in a cookie and prefilled for all subsequent orders submitted within 7 days. This saves the customer the time they would use to fill in the data. The data is not saved if a user declines cookie consent. More Info
  • [Feature]Option to specify minimum order amounts for which a discount voucher applies. All existing discount vouchers remain unaffected. More Info
  • [Issue fix]Update the catalog background image to always remain in a fixed position when the menu is scrolled on order capture and customer UI. Also ensure the image does not repeat.
  • [Issue fix]Ensure that options listed under a main store item are displayed for price variants that do not have option groups.
  • [Issue fix]Fix the catalog loading page to remove the square that appears in place of the background image just below the "One moment please" message and ensure the image is properly displayed and aligned on Apple mobile devices.
  • [Issue fix]Update for the standalone payment list to display latest payments first.


  • [Feature]Possibility to have option groups for price variant that are different from the main item option groups.
    More Info
  • [Feature]Autoprint application is able to publish print requests to multiple printers from the same installation.
    More Info
  • [Issue fix]Improvement in the display of catalog loading page for customers, avoiding displaying UI elements not required.
  • [Issue fix]Mark discount vouchers as consumed for paid orders that deplete the discount value and for single use vouchers..
  • [Issue fix]Parent stores not being displayed correctly after previous product upgrade.


  • [Feature]Support of delivery settings as delivery fee, minimum order amount and delivery zones for location orders of rooms and location that have address setup. More Info
  • [Feature]Support for table orders to be sent to Powersoft POS. More Info
  • [Feature]Addition of translations for other languages including major translation changes for Turkish. More Info
  • [Enhancement]Major performance improvements for operations to fetch catalog, fetch catalog languages on the customer interface and fetch roles on the admin interface.
  • [Issue fix]Issue fix with store address details stored in the system also for location type table.
  • [Issue fix]Issue fix for login with apple and customer first and last name not filled in.


  • [Feature]Option to print a QR code for a standalone payment with a custom amount. More Info
  • [Feature]Support additional parameters such as customer and address information for deep linking of a store.
    More Info
  • [Issue fix]Stripe fixes to stop showing blank page on Incognito if back button is clicked and error removing items from basket.
  • [Issue fix]Validation to not allow to disable open tap at store level if tables are open.


  • [Enhancement]Ensure only data for the latest QR code scanned on a phone is stored so that new orders are always sent to the correct table.
  • [Enhancement]Update social authentication alignment for when it is used in the order capture feature.
  • [Enhancement]Correction fixes for items with options and variants not sent properly to WeDeliver.
  • [Issue fix]Rectifications for case that the full amount is paid with a custom payment request and "Remaining Balance" text and the "Pay more" is shown on the Thank you page.
  • [Issue fix]Correct the behavior of the back button when making a payment and clearing the cart details.
  • [Issue fix]Rectification for orders being paid but not appearing on the order dashboard.
  • [Issue fix]Changes in the Viva Wallet payment integration to comply with our latest payment processes including standalone payment flow..
  • [Issue fix]Fix for error occurring in scenarios of inviting a user to manage a store.
  • [Issue fix]Prevent Google map API errors shown in the browser console while loading pages.
  • [Issue fix]Enabling API Management to better monitor the performance of the system.


  • [Feature]List of standalone payments for parent store user to include standalone payments from child stores.
    More Info
  • [Enhancement]Performance improvements on the statistics page for store users.
  • [Issue fix]Rectify address auto-complete for stores and fix errors.
  • [Issue fix]Email layout improvements to reduce unnecessary white space.


  • [Feature]Payment providers Trust, Square, Paymentsense refactoring to use the new features including standalone payments.
  • [Enhancement]Change in sequence of payment providers on admin interface.
  • [Issue fix]Bug fix for issues with submit order button enablement with open tap settings.
  • [Issue fix]Bug fixes for standalone payment email receipt.
  • [Issue fix]When paying the subscription, the VAT number is mandatory for EU countries, the VAT amount is not displayed, and default selection is yearly recurring subscription.


  • [Feature]Enable child stores to inherit opening and ordering time schedules from parent store. More Info
  • [Feature]New table ordering setting to automatically open a table if an order is submitted by an administrator.
    More Info
  • [Feature]Automatically close table on Powersoft POS if the full amount for the table has been paid using standalone payments. More Info
  • [Enhancement]Fixes for JCC payment provider integration and refactoring of code to support standalone payments via JCC.
  • [Issue fix]Multiple fixes for order update by administrator use cases where some details are not pre-populated for different scenarios.
  • [Issue fix]Issue fix for email for child stores to consider the default language of the parent store.


  • [Feature]Introduction of payabl. as a payment provider allowing stores to have a payment provider with favorable rates.
    More Info
  • [Feature]Update child stores that inherit the catalog from the parent store to display the list of available languages on the customer interface from the parent store's available catalog languages. The store default language is also defined by the parent store if the store catalog is inherited.
  • [Feature]Support for Google Analytics 4 property for stores to allow them to do better marketing and view their store menu analytics. More Info
  • [Feature]Internal Tracking of application page views using Google Analytics 4.
  • [Enhancement]Make email address optional for delivery orders submitted through order capture and therefore show appropriate email validation message.
  • [Enhancement]Accommodate addresses with a large number of characters for locations of type "room" and "location" where address line 1 and 2 are filled.
  • [Issue fix]Better display of the prices in the order overview page e.g. ( $ 4.00 ) so that the price and parenthesis does not break in two lines.
  • [Issue fix]Issue fix for back button at standalone payment page displaying a page not found error.
  • [Issue fix]Layout fix for improving the "One Moment Please" waiting page while the customer interface is loading to avoid showing an extra box.
  • [Issue fix]Technical Refactoring of RMS payments to use the latest framework of payments for ordering and standalone payments.


  • [Enhancement]Remove previously scanned table number from device when a new table QR code is scanned so guests can submit orders to their new table.
  • [Issue fix]Fix validation message update when removing the table number during the checkout when table number is a free text field.
  • [Issue fix]Handling error for table ordering occurring under some conditions.


  • [Feature]Add the option to print a table PIN when opening a table. More Info
  • [Enhancement]Display appropriate open tap table PIN validation message when placing an order.
  • [Issue fix]Display a user friendly message on standalone payments page if a table does not have orders.
  • [Issue fix]Ensure the "Import catalog from other store" button is available when an administrator user views a newly created store with an empty catalog.


  • [Feature]Options for child stores to inherit the catalog from their parent store. This way users can maintain multiple stores with a single catalog. More Info
  • [Feature]Addition of store logo on standalone payment / pay at table page. More Info
  • [Issue fix]Option to share the payment receipt confirmation by email on the Thank you page of standalone payment / pay at table flow.


  • [Feature]Added the option to import a store catalog from another store to a newly created store. More Info
  • [Issue fix]UX improvement on alignment of text, images and spacing on the customer interface catalog view screen.
  • [Issue fix]Issue fix with prepopulating customer details during the order update flow by an administrator.
  • [Issue fix]Bug fix for QR code image refresh in Firefox when changing the table number on the admin interface.
  • [Issue fix]UX fix for order dashboard alignment of columns on tablet screen resolutions on Firefox.


  • [Feature]Autorprint Desktop Application v1.5.0 with option to launch on pc startup and automatically install latest version. More Info
  • [Feature]Initial support for standalone payments with Viva Wallet. More Info
  • [Feature]Ability for store admins and store standard users to create a payment request with a custom amount for the customers to pay. This payment request is not bound to an order or a table. More Info
  • [Feature]In case a user performs a standalone payment using the pay later feature and does not pay the full amount, the remaining balance to be paid is displayed on the Thank you page. More Info
  • [Issue fix]Improvements in the customer interface of the catalog for order placing with regards to scrolling and display of the horizontal menu and search bar on desktop screen resolutions.
  • [Issue fix]Improvements where open tap filter does not show all open tap orders for store users under some conditions.
  • [Issue fix]During the store cloning process, the external id of the offer is also copied.
  • [Issue fix]Validation checks for VAT for subscription payment interface for store administrators for NL and fix logic to have preselected option the yearly recurring subscription.
  • [Issue fix]Technical changes and code restructuring in the checkout flow. Better modularity of the checkout components.


  • [Feature]Capability for customers to pay later for an order that is not paid during submission, by sharing a payment link or QR code. These are visible in the order details page on the admin interface for orders that are not paid. Delivery drivers can use this feature to let the customers pay later for a home delivery order. Cashiers can use this to let the customers pay for a pickup order. Waiters can also use it to let the customers pay for a table order. The feature is available for all payment providers. More Info
  • [Enhancement]UX improvement for customer interface that last item of the catalog is not hidden when the cookies acceptance message is displayed.
  • [Enhancement]System registers the device / browser identifier when a customer visits the store page to help better detect unique user visits and hence improve store statistics accuracy..
  • [Issue fix]The actual order submitted date is shown in the admininstration interface and pdfs and prints and not the creation start date. This is valid for cases with payments and without payments. As the actual submitted date was not recorded in the past, the system still displays the order creation date for orders created past 12 Dec 2022.
  • [Issue fix]System registers the table number as soon the user visits the page if it contains a table number in the URL.
  • [Issue fix]Fix issues preventing paid orders from being displayed on the WooDelivery and MyNext dashboard.


  • [Feature]Statistics data, graphs and Excel download reports for parent stores shows total data from the child stores and not from the parent. More Info
  • [Issue fix]UI fixes on the customer interface for the option to pay online button for standalone payments on desktop interface.


  • [Feature]Display of external delivery id of WeDeliver and external order id of Powersoft in the order dashboard page.
    More Info
  • [Enhancement]Layout change of the horizontal menu on the customer UI interface to always show the left & right arrows.
  • [Enhancement]Change of layout of the payment settings administrator page.
  • [Issue fix]Tracking of order submitted time and time that the payment starts in the system so that it does not get lost.


  • [Enhancement]Increase of the number of characters of the Location / Table comment to have the same number as the description.
  • [Issue fix]Display of the customer phone number on WeDeliver dashboard for stores having Integration with WeDeliver.


  • [Enhancement]UI improvements to ensure proper rounding of images of product items on customer UI.
  • [Issue fix]UI change for the width of the Pay online for your order button when scrolling and fix height and transparency issues.
  • [Issue fix]UI Fix alignment on the View order button.