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Connect Your Store With Poster

Integrate your GonnaOrder store with Poster POS to seamlessly manage your orders, sales, inventory, and finances. This integration allows you to synchronize orders and sales data between your online GonnaOrder store and your POS in real-time. The outcome? Faster order processing, better inventory management, and real-time reporting, making it easier to run your business.

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Get a Spot ID, Token, and Phone Number

Before you link your GonnaOrder store with Poster, you must have a Spot ID, Token, and a phone number. These details are generated after registering for a Poster account. To learn more about generating your access token, see Poster API Documentation.

Link Your Store to Poster POS

Integrate your GonnaOrder store with Poster POS to centrally manage and receive orders. Whether you offer pickup, dine-in, or delivery services, this integration has got you covered. All table, pickup, and delivery orders are sent to your POS in real time.

You can link your GonnaOrder store with Poster POS in just a few steps. To do so, navigate to Settings > Integrations on the admin interface. Scroll down to find Poster from the supported integrations and click Connect.

Connect Store With Poster
Connect Store to Poster

To complete the connection, enter the following details:

Spot id


Phone Number

Click Connect to link the store to Poster POS.

Enter Poster Details
Enter Poster Details

Once you have connected your store to the Poster POS, go to Settings > Order Capture and enable all delivery modes. Doing so allows GonnaOrder to send all orders, including table, pickup, and delivery orders to your Poster POS.

Navigate the Poster Dashboard

  • Go to the Poster website and click the Account section.
  • Enter your company name or Poster Subdomain and click Next.
  • Enter your email and password and click Sign in to proceed.
  • Go to Menu > Products to view the available products in your Poster POS.

  • Set External ID for Products

    The external ID enables Gonnaorder to match products included in online orders to items in your Poster catalog. Therefore, products in the Poster POS should share the same external ID with those in your GonnaOrder store to facilitate seamless sharing of orders between the two platforms.

    To get the external product ID, navigate to your Poster dashboard, select Menu > Products, and click Edit on the desired item.

    Edit a Product in Poster
    Edit a Product in Poster

    Poster will then load the product page, showing the external ID (a numeric number) at the end of the URL.

    Find the External ID of a Product
    Find the External ID of a Product

    Go to your GonnaOrder store’s admin interface, create a category within your catalog and add the item. See how to manage categories on your catalog and add store items.

    Click the edit icon on the item you just added to catalog category.

    Edit Item on Your GonnaOrder Store
    Edit Item on Your GonnaOrder Store

    Scroll down to the External Product ID section, input the corresponding product ID you got from Poster, and click Save.

    Enter External Product ID
    Enter External Product ID

    Repeat the process for all products listed on your Poster POS. This way, all orders placed by the customer will be sent to Poster, facilitating seamless order processing and management.

    Key Takeaways and Recommendations

    1. The external product ID must match with the corresponding product ID on Poster’s product link.
    2. We recommend using similar category and product names for both GonnaOrder and Poster, as it will facilitate easy identification.

    Order Details Synced to Poster

    When a customer submits an online order from your GonnaOrder store, several details are shared with Poster, including:

    • Product ID
    • Product name
    • Price
    • Quantity
    • The total order amount

    The order placed by the customer will appear on your GonnaOrder store order list as well as on your Poster POS.

    Order Details on GonnaOrder
    Order Details on GonnaOrder

    To access the orders from the poster website, go to your Poster account, click Reports on the left menu and select Online orders from the drop-drown list.

    Order Details on Poster
    Order Details on Poster

    Alternatively, you can access the orders from Poster POS and choose whether to accept or cancel the order. Here, you get to see the customer name, phone number, the type of order (dine-in, takeout, or delivery), and other relevant order details.

    Order Details on Poster POS
    Order Details on Poster POS

    Disable or Disconnect Poster POS

    If you no longer need the Poster integration in your store, you can either disable it or disconnect it completely.

    By disabling the connection, your Poster integration details will be saved in GonnaOrder. However, if you choose to disconnect the integration, your Poster integration details will be removed from GonnaOrder. This means that you will need to re-enter the poster details again to restore the integration.

    To disable the integration toggle the Active button to No. Alternatively, if you want to completely disconnect the Poster integration, click the Disconnect button on the same section.

    Disable or Disconnect Poster
    Disable or Disconnect Poster