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Receive Notifications on GoAdmin App

Notifications serve to alert you of new orders in your store. This allows you to give your customers a smooth ordering experience when you view and fulfill orders on time. And while having the application does not guarantee that you will fulfill orders fast, you will be alerted every time a new order arrives and you can make arrangements for its fulfillment.

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Enable Notifications for Orders on GoAdmin App

App notifications are meant to keep you on top of everything happening in your store as far as orders are concerned. The GoAdmin iOS and Android apps can show you a notification for every order arriving in your store. You will therefore not miss any orders and this is good for the store and the customers. To enable app notifications, go to Menu > Orders and click on the check box labeled Receive notifications for orders.

For Android users, you may additionally need to grant the application permission to show you notifications.

Enable Notifications in Goadmin App
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How Notifications Appear on a Mobile Device
GoAdmin app order notifications

Sound Notifications for Orders in Your Store

GonnaOrder supports sound notifications for orders. Sound notifications can only be enabled through the web interface since the setting is not available on the GoAdmin app. See how to enable continuous notification sound notifications in your store settings.


When enabled, the continuous notification sound will always play regardless of whether the app is running in the foreground or the background. The notification sound will play when you use the web interface or the mobile app to manage orders.