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Use Square as a Payment Provider

Square is a credit card processing payment provider that you can easily add to your GonnaOrder store. Square supports some of the most popular credit card types used worldwide and makes it convenient for customers to pay you.

Website www.squareup.com
Supported Payment methods Credit and debit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay
Available countries Belgium, United Kingdom, United States of America
Payment provider logo Square payments logo

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Connect to Square Payments

You will need to provide your Square account id, access token, and location ID to enable Square payments in your store. To obtain these details, you will need to login to your Square developer account and create an app. Open the new application and choose Credentials from the side menu. You can also use the credentials of an existing app you already have.
On the Credentials page, you have the option to use Sandbox version of the credentials or use Production credentials. Sandbox credentials are used for testing your application before you start receiving actual payments. You need to copy the production credentials to use with GonnaOrder.

Square Account ID and Access Token
Application ID and Access token on Square developer

The location ID does not appear on the same page as the application ID and access token. It refers to the business outlet that will use the credentials to process payments and can be looked up in your Square account under Dashboard > locations.

Once you add these settings, you can enable credit card payments via Square. For more information about how to find these keys please read Square’s API Access Tokens documentation and also see their Payment Form Walkthrough.

Enter Square Credentials To Enable Square Payments
Connect store to Square

Square Payments Interface

Square supports both GPay and credit card payments. Therefore, Square presents your customer with two payment options where they can fill in their card data or proceed to pay with GPay. Square facilitates payments to your store via a secure hosted payment page independent from GonnaOrder.

Square Payment Interface for Your Customers
Square payments interface

Disable Square Payments

Like with most other payment providers in GonnaOrder, you can choose to disable Square payments. For this, we recommended that you first set up another payment provider to ensure you can continue receiving order payments.

To disable Square payments, navigate to Settings >Payment providers. Scroll down to the Square payments section and click to toggle the Credit card button to Disabled.

Disable Square Payments
Disable square payments

Disconnect Square From Your Store

You can disconnect Square from your GonnaOrder store if you no longer intend to receive order payments through your Square account.

Before disconnecting Square, we recommend that you configure another payment provider so your customers can conveniently pay for orders.

To disconnect Square, navigate to Settings >Payment Providers and click on the Disconnect button on the Square section.

Remove Square Payments From Your Store
Disconnect Square payments from your GonnaOrder store