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Standalone Payments

Standalone payment is a feature that enables your guests to pay their bill by scanning a QR code. It enables customers to submit orders without paying upfront and makes it easier to submit multiple orders and only pay once. With standalone payments, customers can split their bills or leave tips for the waiters. You can also refer to standalone payments as ‘table payments’ since they are associated with table orders.

Without standalone payments, customers would have to flag off a waiter whenever they are ready to pay. Additionally, the payment process would involve multiple interactions between the waiter and the guests.

On the contrary, pay-at-table technology makes it easy for customers to pay without involving the waiter. With standalone payments, customers scan the table QR code to view their order and pay.


GonnaOrder supports standalone payments for all payment providers where ordering is supported.

You can accept table payments for the following types of orders:

Customer orders submitted through your GonnaOrder online store

Waiter orders submitted through GonnaOrder’s order capture facility

Waiter orders submitted through Powersoft POS

Manage Standalone Payments