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Receive Customer Table Payments With Powersoft POS

GonnaOrder stores that have added the Powersoft POS integration can now manage open tables on their POS and receive table payments through GonnaOrder. The waiter opens new table tabs for customers on the POS; customers scan the table QR code to view their checks and pay. Waiters can submit new orders for customers through Powersoft POS.

Watch this short video guide to learn how table payments work for Powersoft POS:

Configuration, Order and Payment Process


To manage open tables on your POS and receive payments through GonnaOrder, you must first connect your store to your Powersoft 365 POS. We have elaborated the process you need to follow on the Powersoft POS help page here. In addition to connecting your store to the POS, you should also map your GonnaOrder tables with unique external table IDs. The latter step ensures your GonnaOrder tables are directly mapped to the tables registered in your Powersoft POS and hence orders submitted to Powersoft POS tables can be associated with GonnaOrder store tables.

To start using standalone table payments with your POS, you must set Powersoft as your preferred Standalone payments source. This setting tells GonnaOrder that open tables are managed through your POS.

Navigate to Settings >Table Ordering to get started. Enable standalone payments and select Powersoft as the preferred standalone payment source.

Confirm Standalone Payments Are Enabled and Set Powersoft as the Source
Enable standalone payments and set Powersoft as the standalone payment source

Your store is now ready to receive standalone payments for orders submitted on your Powersoft POS.

Order and Payment

When guests arrive in your store, a waiter opens a new table and submits new orders. It can be a single order or multiple orders submitted every time the guest orders an item.

After enjoying their stay at your premises, guests scan the table QR code to view the check and pay. The pay later process is followed when customers scan the payment QR code. The waiter can then view payments made online on the standalone payments dashboard.

Upon successful payment of the full order amount, GonnaOrder automatically closes the Powersoft table. This means the waiter does not have to always look up the table on Powersoft to close it manually.