Boost Sales With Android & iOS Apps

Let your customers place orders through your branded app or the GonnaOrder app. It is convenient, it boosts sales by increasing customer loyalty, and it is very affordable! Talk to us today to see how you can benefit.


Promote Your Business With a Branded App

Every store can obtain a branded Android & iOS app upon request. The branded app points directly to
your business and gives your customers the easiest ordering experience.

  • Easy to use order interface
  • Supports iOS and Android devices
  • Easy customer login with Google and Facebook
  • Order Notifications & Alerts
  • Latest GonnaOrder features always available

Download a Branded Demo App

Take a look at our demo apps and see how a branded restaurant app for your store would look like

Order a Branded App for Your Store Now

Order a branded app for your store and expand your customer reach. Let your customers order faster with a click from their home screen of their smartphones.

€300 per year

Order a branded app now

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Get More Orders From GonnaOrder App Without Any Additional Costs

Besides the branded app, you can grow your customer base with the help of the GonnaOrder ordering app. This non-branded app can be used by your customers to access multiple stores and to scan table QR codes.

  • Supports ordering from multiple stores
  • Can scan the store and table QR code for easy ordering
  • Remembers the recent stores visited by a customer

Download the GonnaOrder App

Better Than Just a Web App or an Online Store

An ordering app is complementary to your online store but it is more convenient that the web interface. Your customers can order faster and this increases customer loyalty.

  • Easy menu access for customers
  • High potential to increase menu viewings and orders
  • Give your customers more flexibility
  • Potential to increase pickup and delivery order revenue
  • Cultivate customer loyalty

With GonnaOrder, you can connect your social media accounts to your store and promote app ordering for the branded store app and the GonnaOrder app.