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How GonnaOrder Uses Languages

GonnaOrder may use different languages when communicating with you and your customers and when generating various documents. This page is dedicated to shedding light on the languages you can expect GonnaOrder to use in different use cases.

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Catalog and Store Menu Languages

Customer UI Language

This refers to the language that GonnaOrder uses to display the application elements such as the order submission and payment buttons.

By default, this is the default language configured on the customer’s browser or phone language. For example, if a customer has French as the default browser language and they visit a GonnaOrder store, they will see the ordering application UI in French. This only applies where the customer’s default browser language is supported for the Customer user interface. See supported languages for the customer user interface here.

If a customer’s browser or phone language is Slovakian and GonnaOrder doesn’t support Slovakian, they’ll see the interface in English. If they have multiple preferred languages, GonnaOrder will display from the supported list; otherwise, it’ll default to English.

The language that the customer has viewed the customer UI is added to the order. Therefore, customers will also receive email notifications in this language. For example the subject of the email and the email insructions will also appear in French in the example above.

Customer UI – Catalog Language

This refers to the language that customer selects from the language selection dropdown on the store menu. This is the language in which the catalog menu items and categories are displayed. It is only possible for users to select languages for stores that have a translation for at least one item in a language other than the store default language.

The customer’s preferred language is added to their order. Therefore, customers will receive the item descriptions in the order confirmation email in the catalog language of the customer UI.

Store Catalog Default Language

The store default language is configured during store creation and can be updated from Settings >Details. It is imperative that all store catalog texts, including but not limited to category names, item names, descriptions, option groups and option names and descriptions, be in this language. A catalog can be translated to other languages but not all catalog elements need to be translated to languages that are not the default store language. However, all texts should exist in the store catalog default language.

Store Catalog Other Languages

This refers to other languages that you have added to the store by way of translation. GonnaOrder enables you to add multiple languages by translating labels through the store interface or by uploading an Excel sheet.

Customer Emails and Documents

Automated Customer Emails‘ Language

This refers to the language used to send automated customer emails from your store. In all cases, GonnaOrder will use the customer UI language set for the specific order.

For example, assume a GonnaOrder store has English as the default language and also has translations for Greek. If a customer whose browser language is Greek visits the store and submits an order, the customer’s UI language would be Greek, and hence the content of the automated order emails would be in Greek. Only if the customer’s preferred default browser language is unsupported would the store default to English for both the customer ordering application and the subsequent order emails.

Automated Customer Email and Order Receipt Download Email on thank you page pdf ui Language

This language is the language in which standard labels like delivery method and order total are displayed in the pdf attached to the email. In this case GonnaOrder always uses the language of the customer i.e the default language in the customer’s browser.

Customer Automated Email pdf + Customer Automated Email + Download Email on thank you Page Order Item Language

This language is what the catalog order items are shown at e.g. „Fries“. Here we use the catalog language of the order i.e., either the default store language or the language selected by the user on the menu.

Store and Admin Users Emails and Documents

Admin User Preferred Language

This is the language the user defines when creating the store. It can be updated via Settings >Details.

Store Notification Email Language

This is the language in which GonnaOrder sends notification emails to the store owner or operator, as configured in the store ordering settings. If the store language (in store settings) is a supported admin language, then all emails will be in that language. Otherwise, the notification email language defaults to English.

Store Owner Notification Email PDF UI Language

This is the language in which the standard labels in the notification PDF are displayed. For example, labels for the delivery method and the order total. If the store language (in store settings) is a supported admin language, then all labels will be displayed in that language. Otherwise, the labels are displayed in English.

Store Owner Notification Email pdf Order Item Language

This is the language used to show the individual order items in the PDF receipt. The store language is always used.

Admin Download pdf ui Language

When an Admin user downloads a PDF from the store, standard labels such as the order total and delivery label are displayed in the admin user preferred language.

Admin Download pdf Order Item Language

When an admin user downloads the order receipt, GonnaOrder determine’s the user’s preferred language from their browser settings. GonnaOrder then checks if the catalog is translated to the user’s preferred language and displays the order items in the said language. If the store catalog is not translated to the user language, then GonnaOrder displays the order items in the default language of the store.