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Promote Ordering With GonnaOrder Mobile Apps

GonnaOrder allows every store to promote ordering using two types of mobile apps. You can share the GonnaOrder ordering app that customers can use to scan your QR code or visit your store URL or you can have a store-branded app that points directly to your store. GonnaOrder mobile apps for ordering can improve the customer experience by bringing convenience to your store.

The GonnaOrder ordering app

With the GonnaOrder ordering app, customers can discover new GonnaOrder stores and place orders. The app saves all stores visited by a customer so that they have quicker access to them whenever needed. Therefore, a customer will not need to scan your QR code or type your store URL more than once.

The store-branded ordering app

GonnaOrder has the facility to create a store-branded app for you. Such an app will have your logo and can only be used to access a single store. A branded app can help your store retain customer loyalty.

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The GonnaOrder Ordering App

The GonnaOrder customer app is essentially a browser app that can be used for any store. The app is free for all stores and is available on Google Playstore for Android users and the Apple app store for iOS users.

To visit a new store through this app, a customer can either type the store URL on the provided input field, tab on the camera icon to scan a QR code, or click on the + plus symbol on the home screen.

The GonnaOrder ordering app will remember the stores a customer has previously visited and these can be viewed by clicking on the clipboard icon on the bottom-left part of the screen. Therefore, your customers will not have to type your store URL or scan a QR code every time they want to view your store.

GonnaOrder Customer App: Home
GonnaOrder customer app: home

GonnaOrder Customer App: Recents
Recent stores

Your Store-Branded Ordering App

Apart from the GonnaOrder ordering app where customers scan your QR code or type a store URL, it is also possible for you to have a store-branded app pointing directly to your store. A branded app will have your own logo and can only be used to view the menu and place orders in a single store.

The branded app opens directly on your store menu. Customers do not need to type any URL or scan a QR code to place orders in your store. It increases the convenience with which customers can place orders in your store and makes it easier for you to retain customer loyalty.

Branded GonnaOrder Customer App: Home
GonnaOrder customer app: home

Branded GonnaOrder Customer App: Opening Times
Opening times

Branded GonnaOrder Customer App: Order Page
GonnaOrder customer app: order page

GonnaOrder Customer App: Thank You
Recent stores

Promote Ordering via GonnaOrder Ordering App

Every store can notify customers of the mobile app they can use for ordering. Mobile ordering promotion can be enabled via the Settings> Domains & Apps section of the GonnaOrder administrator dashboard.

All stores can promote ordering via the GonnaOrder ordering app. You do not need to provide any details other than clicking on the Enable button on the Domains & Apps page.

Promote Ordering via Gonnaorder App
Promote ordering via mobile app

When the promotion is enabled for the GonnaOrder ordering app, a person using a mobile browser to order from your store will be informed that they can use a mobile app to place orders from your store. The ordering app promotion happens the same way for both iOS and Android device users, but each user will only see a promotion for the app compatible with their current device.

GonnaOrder App Promotion for Android
App promotion on Android mobile browser

GonnaOrder App Promotion for iOS
App promotion on iOS mobile browser

Promote Ordering via Your Store-Branded App

Every store that has a branded app can promote it to the customers via the order status page just like with the GonnaOrder ordering app described in the previous section.

For a branded app, you must provide both the link to your iOS app on the Apple app store and a link to your Android app on Google Playstore. You must ensure both the iOS and Android app links are correct. If both links are correctly filled, a promotion for the respective apps will appear to the customer depending on whether they are using Android or iOS devices.

The promotion for the branded app appears the same way as that of the GonnaOrder app for customers.

Fill the Google Play Store and Apple App Store Links for Your Branded App

Store-Branded App Takes Priority for Promotion

The GonnaOrder ordering app is only promoted to customers if you have not enabled promotion for your branded app. Still, if you enable app promotion for both the GonnaOrder app and your store-branded app, the latter will be prioritized.

The GonnaOrder App Ordering Experience

A mobile app brings convenience to you and your customers. It is much easier for a customer to place an order through an app as compared to the GonnaOrder web interface.

Essentially, a mobile device is more portable when compared to a laptop or desktop computer. Therefore, an app installed on a phone or tablet allows customers to interact with your menu freely and from anywhere including when they are traveling. Additionally, the app allows customers to receive notifications about their orders conveniently.

Both the store-branded ordering app and the GonnaOrder ordering app offer the same ordering experience. The apps give the customer easy access to your store.

The GonnaOrder ordering app allows customers to scan a QR code while customers using the branded app do not get this functionality. Therefore, customers using the GonnaOrder app can scan table QR codes and place orders. For customers using the branded app, they must fill in table information on the order page.

Regardless of the app used, the customer experience is greatly improved.