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Use Globalpayments as a Payment Provider

Globalpayments is a financial technology company that provides payment processing services to merchants and businesses of all sizes. The company offers a range of payment solutions, including online payment gateway and mobile payment solutions. Connect your Globalpayments to your store and start receiving payments today.

Website www.globalpayments.com
Supported Payment methods Credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Paypal
Available countries United Kingdom
Payment provider logo Globalpayments logo

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Getting Started With Globalpayments

To begin using Globalpayments as your payment provider, you need to first request a merchant account by contacting their support team. Alternatively, you can use an existing account, but you would still need to request the integration details from your account manager.

The Globalpayments team will provide three information items required to connect your store. These are:

the Globalpayments merchant ID

Shared Secret

Account ID

Once the details are provided to you, open your GonnaOrder store and go to Settings >Payments. Find the Globalpayments section and click Connect with Globalpayments. Fill in the respective fields and click Connect to save.

Fill in the Merchant ID, Shared Secret, and Account ID To Start Using Globalpayments
Globalpayments integration interface with fields for merchant ID, shared secret, and account ID

Once your Globalpayments account is connected to your GonnaOrder store, your store will start facilitating paid orders. All order payments will be processed, and funds will be stored in your Globalpayments account.

The Globalpayments Interface

The Globalpayments payments interface is a secure page managed by the payment provider. When a customer initiates a payment, Globalpayments receives payment information from your GonnaOrder store and displays the relevant payment options and fields. After successful payment, Globalpayments redirects users back to your store.

Card Payment Interface Managed by Globalpayments
A credit card payment page filled with dummy data.

Deactivate Globalpayments

If necessary, you can disable Globalpayments payments at any time, but you must have an alternative payment option in place. Always check that you have provided the correct details on the Globalpayments integration section, and contact your Globalpayments account manager if you have trouble receiving order payments.

Change Globalpayments Status to Inactive
Globalpayments integration status set to inactive.

Remove Globalpayments From Your Store

If you wish to disconnect your store from your Globalpayments payments account, click the Disconnect button to the right of your Globalpayments account ID in your store’s settings. Ensure you have configured and enabled an alternative payment processor before completing this action.

Disconnect Globalpayments From Your Store
Remove Globalpayments by clicking