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Connect with Sunsoft

Integrate Sunsoft with GonnaOrder to synchronize your orders and payments received online.

Sunsoft is a complete catering system that provides business users to meet their daily requirements such as ordering, tables, payments, inventory management price lists, cashier, shifts and waiters.

With this integration, GonnaOrder sends the Delivery, Pickup, and Table order details to your Sunsoft POS.

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Connect with Sunsoft

Connect your GonnaOrder store with Sunsoft to receive and manage orders. This centralizes your operation on one system.

GonnaOrder requires a few connection details to start communicating with your POS. You can contact the Sunsoft team to provide you with the credentials and guide you on how to obtain the required integration parameters.

Support Pickup, Delivery, and Table Orders with Sunsoft

The integration between Sunsoft POS and GonnaOrder supports:

Delivery and pickup orders – all pickup and delivery orders are sent to your POS.

Table orders – order submission supported for waiters and guests through both platforms.

To connect your store to Sunsoft, navigate to Settings > Integration. Locate Sunsoft and click Connect

Connect to Sunsoft
Connect to Sunsoft

In sunsoft connection section, enter the details for following requirements:

  • URL
  • Username
  • Password
  • Device Info

Note:GonnaOrder recommends to contact the Sunsoft admin for the credentials.
After adding the credentials, Click Connect to complete the integration.

Connection Details
Connection Details

Upon successful connection, your Sunsoft integration details will appear where the integration form was. The URL, Username, Password, and Device Info are all displayed in read-only mode.

Support Delivery and Pickup Orders

With the Sunsoft integration, pickup and delivery orders submitted to GonnaOrder are sent to your POS. This includes orders submitted by customers on your GonnaOrder online store and those submitted by waiters through order capture

The integration supports main items, price variants, and option groups. Basically, all possible item configurations in GonnaOrder.

Required Configuration for Delivery and Pickup Orders

For delivery and pickup orders to work between GonnaOrder and Sunsoft, the integration requires some additional settings to your product catalog. These settings are only needed for stores connected to Sunsoft.

The External Product IDs should be configured for each item, price variant, and option.

The External VAT ID is not required.

The External table IDs configuration is not required.

Delivery and Pickup Process
Delivery and Pickup

GonnaOrder recommends to include cusomter contact number as mandatory as this helps in tracking the orders in Sunsoft POS.

Support Table Ordering

You can receive and manage table orders submitted to GonnaOrder on your Sunsoft POS. When a customer or a waiter submits an order in your online store, GonnaOrder sends the order to Sunsoft POS.

The POS integration uses external table IDs to map tables from the POS to your online store. It is through the external table IDs that GonnaOrder knows which POS table receives a particular order.

Configuration Requirements for Table Orders

The Powersoft POS integration requires that you add some special settings to your store tables and products. The absence of these configurations may prevent orders from being sent to your POS correctly.

The External Table IDs for all tables in your GonnaOrder store needs to be configred.

The External Product ID should be configured for each item, price variant, and option.

The External VAT ID is not required.

Table Orders
Table Orders

Setup External Product ID

The external product ID field will be available when you edit the details of the main store product, a price variant, or an option that belongs to an option group.

The field can be filled with a string of characters to match the item product code used in your POS. External ID fields help GonnaOrder point directly to the items customers order online in your POS.

Product ID
Product ID

External Table ID

The external table ID field is to be used for stores that use Sunsoft POS with standalone payments. The ID helps GonnaOrder and the POS know from which table an order was submitted, facilitating customer payments. You can add a table external ID when updating the details of a table in your GonnaOrder store.

External table IDs are important for table ordering and table payments. They are not used for delivery and pickup orders.

Table ID
Table ID

Orders in Sunsoft Dashboard

Orders submitted via GonnaOrder, will reflect in Sunsoft and contain following information:

  • Item Name
  • Item Quantity
  • Item Unit Price
  • Discount Value
  • Discount Percentage

Note: Based on admin configuration only Discount Value or Discount Percentage will be shown.

Item Variants

Variants with External ID: Variants in an Order that have external Ids get mapped with corresponding orders in Sunsoft.

Variants without External ID: Variants in an Order that do not have exernal Ids, Sonsoft considers these as comments. For example in the below image, we have requested for Pizza Margarita, with extra Cheese and Mayonaise

Orders Containing Variants

On Sunsoft dashboards, users can accept the orders or reject as required. They can assign tables and close payments. Using the Sunsoft Backoffice, users can update menus, prices and other fields.

Disconnect Sunsoft POS

You can always disconnect GonnaOrder from your Sunsoft POS if and when you no longer need GonnaOrder to send new orders to your POS. In that case, you should have a way of managing orders arriving in your store.

To disconnect GonnaOrder from Sunsoft POS, click the Disconnect button under the Sunsoft integration section. This will permanently disconnect your two accounts, and GonnaOrder will no longer send orders to your Sunsoft POS.

Disconnect Sunsoft
Connect to Sunsoft