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Update Your Profile Information

You are always welcome to make changes in your profile. Whether it is your address or other personal information, you have full access to your profile data and there are no restrictions to when you can make changes.

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Find Profile Settings

After successfully creating an account and accessing the dashboard, you will find your email address at the top right corner of your account dashboard. Click on your email address to open the dropdown menu.

User Account Menu
User profile menu
  1. My Profile
  2. Social Accounts
  3. Change Password
  4. Logout

Choose My Profile to update your information. See the next section.

Change Your Profile Information

After you click the Profile change option, you will be redirected to your profile section. You can change or update all the details shown under your profile.

Update Your Profile Information and Save
Update profile details
  • Email: This is the email you’ll use to get information from GonnaOrder. If you change this email, you’ll need to log in to your account with the changed email. You’ll also receive a confirmation email to authorize the Email change.
  • First Name: Here, you’ll be able to change the user’s first name. If you allow your business partner or manager, you may consider changing the first and last name or creating a new user account altogether.
  • Last Name: Here, you’ll be able to change the user’s last name for your account.
  • Country: You can change the name of your country here. This is the country associated with the account and should be where you reside.
  • Phone Number: If you recently changed your phone number, please update the contact number by filling in this field.
  • Preferred Language: You can change the preferred language for your account here.

After making the necessary changes, please click the Update Profile button to save your changes. You will receive a confirmation message and an email confirming the change of user information.

Connect Gonnaorder With Your Google, Facebook, or Apple ID

Users who had previously created their GonnaOrder accounts before we enabled social registration can also connect GonnaOrder with their social accounts. This also applies to users who signed up with an email address and a password rather than using social accounts. To do this, you will need to be logged into your account.

From your account, click on the drop-down caret symbol next to your email account in the top right of your GonnaOrder dashboard. This brings up a section with some fundamental settings for your account. To connect GonnaOrder with your social accounts, click on the Social Accounts from the drop-down list.

Choose To Connect Social Accounts
Profile menu including social accounts

On the next screen, choose the appropriate social account to connect. For this example case, we will connect GonnaOrder with a Google account, but the process is almost the same for Facebook accounts and Apple IDs.

For the example case, we will choose Google as the social account.

Connect Your Google Account
Choose to connect with Google

From the above step, you will be presented with Google accounts available on your computer at the time, and you will have to choose one. Notice that you can only connect GonnaOrder with a single Google account and one Facebook account. Hence you need to be careful when choosing the account to connect.

Once you have chosen your Google account, GonnaOrder will receive your name, email address, language preference, and profile picture from Google. These details will be saved in your GonnaOrder account if the selected email account is not registered with another GonnaOrder account.

An alert message on the successful connection of GonnaOrder to your social account will appear on the screen, indicating that your social account is linked.

Social Account Linked Successfully
Message alert: Social account linked successfully

You can now log in to manage your GonnaOrder account using your preferred social account without having to type your email and password every time.