#1 Table Ordering System for Faster Table Turnover

Let your customers order and pay from their table via GonnaOrder QR codes. Speed up customer service, increase profits and staff efficiency with 0% commissions.

Fast and Easy-to-Use Table Ordering System

Deliver a seamless ordering experience by allowing your customers to order from anywhere in the venue. By just scanning GonnaOrder QR codes with their smartphone camera. No need to login, enter table numbers, or download an app.

  • Unlimited number of QR codes for table ordering
  • Multi-language & Multi-currency
  • Interactive QR menu with images/videos
  • Digital and ready-to-print QR code stickers
  • Clearly presented allergen labels

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Cost-effective, Highly Configurable and Customizable

The GonnaOrder platform is an affordable zero commission and flexible table ordering solution that offers a rich feature set meeting all your specific needs and brand requirements.

  • Self-service management dashboard
  • Fast onboarding with import/export functionalities
  • Time & date based Menu
  • Order Notifications & Alerts
  • Stock management

Higher Order Volume, Repeat Orders and Average Spend

Grow and retain your customer base by incentivizing and rewarding diners with GonnaOrder’s loyalty features. They will keep keep coming back and you can benefit from more orders, and higher spend per order.

  • Loyalty vouchers for single/multi-use
  • Price variants and promo items
  • Special offers and giveaways

Higher Customer Reach and Marketing ROI

Understand better your customers and increase customer reach with GonnaOrder marketing tools and integrations.

  • Menu viewings and analytics
  • Integration with Facebook
  • Integration with Google Analytics
  • Marketing packages and services
  • Branded App
Receipt Printer

More Efficiency With Automatic Order Printing

Save time and streamline order management operations with GonnaOrder’s automatic printing desktop and mobile app. Automatically print to multiple printers and receive sound notifications for each new order.

  • Automatic order printing for Desktop – Windows, macOS, Linux
  • Automatic order printing for iOS – WiFi, Bluetooth, Airprint Printers
  • Automatic printing for Android – WiFi and Bluetooth

Better Decisions With Smarter Data & Reporting

Get access to key data to understand how to better run your business, identify popular items and make adjustments to your menu.

  • Download reports from anywhere
  • Reporting (revenue, popular items)
  • Financial reports including VAT

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Full Control of Your Payment Operations With Third-Party Integrations

GonnaOrder provides integrations with several payment systems allowing you to have full control of your payments and receive instant payouts.

  • Stripe (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Microsoft Pay)
  • Square
  • Viva Wallet

Streamlined Restaurant Operations With POS Integrations

The GonnaOrder API makes it easy to integrate with POS systems and brings all your orders directly to your POS system.

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