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Delete Your Profile

You can delete your profile if you do not wish to continue using GonnaOrder. Your profile includes your GonnaOrder account and all stores associated with your account.

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How To Delete Your GonnaOrder Profile

You can delete your GonnaOrder profile by following the steps below:

  1. Login to GonnaOrder
  2. Visit the profile deletion URL: https://admin.gonnaorder.com/manager/profile/delete
  3. Confirm profile deletion
Confirm Profile Removal
Confirm you want to delete profile


You cannot recover deleted profiles. However, you can create a new account with a previously used email. We advise that you invite other people to manage the stores you own before removing your profile.

As a store manager, you can also remove other people from your stores.

What Happens When I Delete My Profile?

You may want to delete your account if you already have another with GonnaOrder or do not wish to continue using our services.

Deleting your profile has the below outcome:

  • You will no longer have access to the stores you previously created or which you are an operator
  • Your profile information is permanently removed from GonnaOrder
  • After deleting your old profile, you can create a new account with the same email address

How To Delete a GonnaOrder Store

Other than deleting a user profile, you can also delete your store. However, this feature is only available to store owners, and the store must meet several conditions. You can only delete a store if:

You have not added a catalog(No categories, offer items, or options)

The store does not have any menu viewings

You have not received any orders in your store

Notice that deleting all your catalog items and orders will not enable you to delete the store. This essentially means you can only delete your store if you created it and changed your mind before uploading a catalog.

To delete your store, log in with your username and password and edit the URL in the address bar to the format below:


Replace WXYZ with your store ID, which is typically visible on the address bar of your store dashboard when logged in.

Confirm permanent store deletion by clicking the Okay button.

Confirm Store Deletion

If your store meets the criteria described above, it will be permanently removed from GonnaOrder. Otherwise, an error occurs, and you will be notified of the requirements.

A Store Cannot Be Deleted if It Has a Catalog, Menu Viewings, or Orders
An error message that informs user why a store cannot be deleted.