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Use JCC as a Payment Provider

JCC Payments allows you to receive credit card payments in your GonnaOrder store. It is mainly an option for stores located in Cyprus. Please see other payment providers available in GonnaOrder to choose one that works in your country or region.

Website www.jcc.com.cy/
Supported Payment methods Credit and debit cards
Available countries Cyprus
Payment provider logo JCC payments logo

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Connect With JCC payments

To receive credit card payments via JCC, you need to have a JCC merchant account. You can apply to become a merchant through the JCC website after which you will be provided with the requisite information required to start receiving payments.

With a JCC merchant account, go to your store settings and choose payment providers and fill in the required details as highlighted below.

Merchant ID

Acquirer ID

Api Signature Password

These details are provided to you via email when you register a JCC merchant account. They will also be available in your JCC merchant account dashboard and you can look them up at any time.

After providing the integration details, click on the Connect button to finish. Payments will be automatically enabled for JCC and you are set to go.

Connect Your Store to Your JCC Merchant Account
Connect JCC payments

JCC Payments Interface

With JCC payments enabled for your store, GonnaOrder will redirect customers to a secure JCC payments interface where they can make payments with their credit or debit cards. The payment page displays the amount of the order and the name of the store to the customer.

The order arrives in your GonnaOrder store after the customer clicks Submit and the payment is successfully processed.

Pay With JCC
Pay with JCC

Disable JCC Payments

If in any case you want to pause JCC payments and instead use other payment providers, you can always toggle the payments switch to Disabled.

Disable JCC Payments
Disable JCC payments

Disconnect JCC From Your Store

It is also possible for you to disconnect your store from JCC payments altogether. Notice that disabling or disconnecting JCC payments may require you to enable another payment method to continue processing order payments.

To disconnect JCC payments from your account, click on the Disconnect button under JCC payments. JCC will be removed from your store.

Disconnect JCC Payments
Disconnect JCC payments