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Use Hobex as Your Payment Provider

Hobex is a leading global full-service provider for cashless payment systems. It provides an eCommerce gateway for merchants to seamlessly process online payments. Integrating your GonnaOrder store with hobex payment systems allows you to securely process credit card payments since your system will not get in touch with sensitive payment data like credit card numbers.

Website https://www.hobex.at
Supported Payment Methods Visa, VPay, Mastercard, Google Pay, Apple Pay
Available countries Worldwide
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Connect Your Store with Hobex for Online Payments

Before you start receiving credit card or debit card payments online via hobex payment systems, you need to link your GonnaOrder store with hobex. To do so, go to Settings > Payments and scroll down to find hobex payment systems from the list of supported payment providers.

Click the Connect button to get started.

Connect to Hobex Payment Systems
Connect to Hobex Payment Systems

Here, you will provide the following authentication details:

Entity Id

Access Token

Contact your hobex account manager to obtain these live authentication details.

Provide Authentication Credentials
Provide Connection Credentials

When you provide valid credentials and click Connect, the connection is established successfully, and your store will be ready to receive payments via hobex.

Receive Payments Via Hobex

Once you connect your store with hobex, your customers can seamlessly pay for their orders online. They simply need to choose the pay Now online option and proceed with the payment.

Pay Online for Orders
Pay Online for Orders

When the customer clicks Proceed to Payment, they are redirected to a payment page, where they input their card details. This ensures the safety of the transactions, protecting customers from potentially fraudulent use of their cards to place orders.

Provide Card Details
Provide Card Details

Once the customer enters valid card details and clicks Pay now, they are redirected to the thank you page, showing the order has been paid for successfully.

Payment Success
Payment Success

As a store owner, you can view the payment status of the customer’s order on the orders section. In this case, the order with identifier (Id) 5N-5A has been paid.

Paid Order
Paid Order

Receive Standalone Payments Through Hobex

GonnaOrder supports standalone payments, which basically are payments for orders submitted via open tab ordering. Visit the dedicated standalone payments help page to learn more about standalone payments.

To receive a standalone payment via hobex, go to Standalone Payments and enter the amount you want to pay. Click Create Payment Request to proceed.

Creating Payment Request
Creating Payment Request

Here, you will receive a pop-up with options to pay, either by scanning the QR code or online via the link provided.

Standalone Payment Via Hobex

Whether you scan the QR code or click the pay online now link, you aree redirected to a payment page with several options, such as whether you’d like to split the bill and leave a tip. Select the applicable options and click Proceed to Payment.

Choose Whether to Split the Bill or Leave a Tip
Choose Whether To Split The Bill Or Leave A Tip

Enter your card details and click Pay now to proceed with the payment.

Successful Standalone Payment with Hobex
Successful Standalone Payment With Hobex

Deactivate or Disconnect Hobex from Your Store

If you want to temporarily pause hobex payments and use other payment providers, you can disable hobex integration. Deactivating this integration means your authentication details will still be saved, should you change your mind later to reactivate hobex payments.

To disable or deactivate hobex payments, go to Settings > Payments and find hobex payment systems from the list of supported payment providers. Toggle the Active switch to No.

Disable Hobex Payments
Disable Hobex Payments

If you no longer want to receive payments via hobex, you can permanently disconnect hobex from your store. This will delete the authentication details (entity Id and Access Token).

To disconnect hobex from your store, go to Settings > Payments and find hobex Payment Systems from the list of supported payment providers. Click the Disconnect button to proceed.

Disconnect Hobex Payments
Disconnect Hobex Payments