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Reservations By Customers

GonnaOrder allows you to let customers reserve tables on their own. This option gives your customers more control over their reservations and also enhances the overall convenience of the process. By supporting customer reservations, you can encourage more customers to make reservations, boosting your business revenue.

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Activate Customer Reservations Settings

For customers to be able to reserve tables, the storeowner must enable the customer reservation settings. To do so, go to Settings on your store’s dashboard and click Reservations.

Toggle the Allow customer reservations button to Yes.

Allow Customer Reservations
Allow Customer Reservations

Also, configure the other reservation settings, such as the default number of people, reservation duration, schedule, and desired time intervals. These settings dictate how customers are able to make reservations in your store. Visit the dedicated reservation settings help page to learn more about these settings.

If you have not enabled the Allow customer reservations setting, your customers will not be able to reserve a table. Instead, they are notified that there are no available slots for reservation.

Store Has Not Allowed Customer Reservations
Store Has Not Allowed Customer Reservations

Also, if you try to make a reservation when there are no more available slots for that day, you are notified of the same.

Choose the Reservation Date and Number of People

Go to the store’s reservation UI and choose the date you want to make a reservation. You can select a same-day or later-date reservation depending on your needs. Use the forward and backward arrows to choose the your preferred reservation date and select the number of people from the dropdown list.

Reservation Date and Number of People.
Select a Reservation Date and Number of People

Confirm the options you just selected and click Next.

Select Your Preferred Slot

As a customer, you can view all the available slots. Choose one that matches your reservation needs from the list of available slots.

Selecting a Reservation Slot.
Selecting a Reservation Slot

Enter the following details on the page that appears:




Notes (optional)

The name, email, and phone fields may be mandatory, optional, or hidden, depending on the store’s settings. Learn more about setting these fields as mandatory, optional, or hidden.

Enter Your Details.
Enter Your Details

Confirm your details and click Submit your booking.

Successful Customer Reservation.
Successful Customer Reservation.


You are strongly encouraged to provide your email so that you can easily receive updates on your reservation status.

If during the process of making a reservation, another customer submits a reservation for the same time you had chosen and no other table is available for reservation during that selected period, then you are notified that the time selected is no longer available.

Failed Customer Reservation
Failed Customer Reservation

When you are faced with such an issue, you can choose another available slot and make a reservation. To do so, click Modify Search and select another slot from the list. This will not only allow you to edit the reservation slot but also the date of reservation and number of people.

Modify Search for Available Slots.
Modify Search for Available Slots
Editing Reservation Details.
Editing Reservation Details.

Once you have successfully submitted your reservation, the store owner can view it and take the necessary action. You can be informed whether the reservation has been accepted, assigned, or rejected via email if the storeowner enabled the email customers on reservation status change setting.

How Storeowner Views Customer Reservations
How Storeowner Views Customer Reservations.