Mastering Pickup Ordering: A Guide for Restaurants and Hospitality Businesses

In the ever-evolving food and hospitality industry, pickup ordering has become a crucial component of business operations. Whether you run a food truck, café, restaurant, or any business providing food and beverages, you must master the art of pickup order.

Join us as we explore pickup ordering in detail, including why it is essential in modern restaurants, its benefits, things to consider when creating a takeaway ordering solution, and how GonnaOrder can help you achieve your collection ordering goals.

What is Pickup for Restaurants?

Pickup ordering for restaurants and hospitality businesses is a game-changer. It allows your customers to buy food and drinks online and pick them up from the store. Therefore, they don’t need to queue as they wait for their orders. Instead, they can order food or drinks online in the comfort of their home or office and pick them up at their pleasure.

Pickup, also known as click-and-collect or collection ordering, is an ideal approach to serving modern customers. With everything going digital, most customers prefer doing most things online, including ordering meals or drinks. So, instead of them ordering or having to wait at your restaurant, why not let them order using your pickup ordering website? This way, they only need to come to your restaurant when the food is ready, to pick up the orders they placed earlier.

Benefits of Pickup Ordering

Pickup ordering is a win-win solution for both customers and restaurant owners. Here are the key benefits of setting up a pickup ordering system:

Informed Preparation of Orders

When a customer places an order online, the restaurant owner can prepare the order in advance. This informs the owner about what to prepare before the customer(s) arrive. Instead of customers queuing at the store only to be disappointed that what they wanted is out of stock, restaurant owners are prepared in advance. They know that a particular customer will come for a specific order. So, they can prepare the order on time, delivering it whenever the customer comes.

Improved Customer Experience

Being able to order food or drink online and pick it up at the store at your convenience streamlines the entire process. Customers no longer must wait at the restaurant for their orders to be processed. This improves their overall experience and satisfaction. A satisfied customer is a loyal customer. This boosts your restaurant’s reputation, helping you gain a competitive edge. Also, it drives sales and increases your revenue.

Increased Efficiency

Businesses can’t afford inefficient processes in the increasingly competitive restaurant and hospitality sector. Pickup ordering streamlines the entire ordering process. It boosts efficiency by reducing dine-in wait times and minimizing bottlenecks during peak hours. Also, it enables restaurants to allocate resources effectively, accurately prepare orders, and optimize staff scheduling, resulting in faster service and increased productivity.


7 Things to Consider When Creating a Pickup Ordering System

Here are a few things to consider when creating an online ordering system to facilitate pickup ordering:


Creating your own online ordering system has plenty of benefits for your restaurant. For instance, it increases brand control and enhances flexibility and customization. However, not everyone is tech-savvy to navigate a complex online ordering system. So, you must ensure the online ordering system is easy to navigate and intuitive enough to accommodate less tech-savvy customers. This way, more customers can place pickup orders online.

Clear Menu Presentation

Your online ordering website should be simple yet detailed enough to provide the necessary information to customers. For instance, include an updated and accurate menu with item prices, images, and descriptions. This will help customers make informed choices about their pickup orders. Also, it will help prevent customer disappointment due to inaccurate or misrepresented menus, which may affect your restaurant’s reputation.

Real-Time Stock Management

Imagine a customer ordering something that’s no longer available in your restaurant. This can result in disappointment when they come to pick up their order, leading to negative reviews. As a result, it can lead to reduced sales and profitability, hurting your business progress and performance. To prevent this from occurring, keep track of your stock levels to avoid disappointing customers with out-of-stock items after they’ve placed an order.

Flexible Ordering Times and Pickup Time Slots

Customers need to schedule properly. So, create several pickup time options to accommodate various customer schedules and preferences. For example, your online ordering system should provide slots (e.g., 10 to 15 minutes). This will help manage customer expectations and offer exact times. Allocate the slot duration based on your needs. Also, your system should allow customers to order when the store is closed. This will accommodate the needs of those who order for the next day or evening.

Seamless Payment Options

Your online ordering system should provide multiple secure payment options, such as digital wallets and credit/debit cards. Also, consider the needs of those who want to pay in cash at the door or later at the store. Providing diverse payment options can streamline the pickup ordering process, minimizing the need to queue at the cashier.

Order Confirmation and Updates

The online ordering system should send timely order confirmation notifications and updates. This ensures that customers are informed about their order status. Therefore, they can make informed decisions about their pickup orders. For instance, they can decide when to come for their order and when to wait.

Feedback Mechanism

Continuous improvement is the mantra of most successful restaurants and hospitality businesses. An online ordering system can help you continuously improve your pickup ordering services. By gathering customer feedback, you can identify areas of improvement. Improving these aspects of your business can enhance customer satisfaction.

Using GonnaOrder for Pickup Ordering

GonnaOrder is one of the key solutions that facilitate collection ordering in restaurants and hospitality businesses.

Customers can also select a pickup slot on a time and date that is convenient based on their schedule. This enables the restaurant to use the chosen times to prepare orders in advance, as shown below.

The GonnaOrder online ordering solution also allows restaurant managers to select the earliest possible time when customers can set their order fulfilment slot. This feature is known as the desired future time setting. This setting allows you to add necessary order delays to allow you enough time to process the orders.

What’s more, restaurant owners have control of customer data collected by GonnaOrder for click-and-collect orders. This data includes names, email addresses, and phone numbers. Therefore, they can use it to create personalized marketing campaigns to promote their businesses and pick up orders.

Customer Data Collected Via GonnaOrder

Also, as a store manager, you can decide to promote collection ordering versus delivery ordering in multiple ways. You can set pickup as the default ordering option to promote more pickup orders. By adding more discounts or gifts for collection ordering, you can incentivise your customers to place pickup orders. You can even disable all other delivery modes, leaving pickup as the only available option.

GonnaOrder also enables store managers to configure their addresses and select whether to show the pickup address on their website checkout page.


Implementing a successful pickup ordering system can greatly improve customer convenience and drive revenue for restaurants and hospitality businesses. However, achieving this can be daunting. Following this guide, staying attentive to customer needs, and partnering with the right solution like GonnaOrder can help you create a seamless and rewarding pickup ordering experience.

So, what are you waiting for? Tab into the power of GonnaOrder to unleash your full business potential with pickup orders.

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