The Full Guide for Sunbed Ordering for Your Hotel and Beach Bar

Transform your hotel and beach bar experience with a sunbed ordering system. Find out how this revolutionary technological solution can simplify sunbed ordering, improving customer and waiter experience while minimizing the risk of customers failing to pay for their orders.

As the hospitality industry continues to evolve, delivering a seamless and efficient experience has become more important than ever before. One aspect that has experienced significant innovation is the process of ordering and enjoying sunbeds at hotels, pool bars, and beach bars. In this article, we dive deeper into the world of sunbed ordering, highlighting issues faced without it and presenting a revolutionary solution that is changing customer experiences – sunbed ordering.

Sunbed Ordering Overview

In the hospitality sector, sunbed ordering caters to patrons seeking relaxation by the beach or pool. Usually, the sunbeds are placed in outdoor spaces, which, in most cases, may be distant from the hotel or beach bar. This makes sunbed ordering quite an engaging process, which may impact guest convenience.

Traditionally, the process involved guests physically making their way to the main service point, often located a considerable distance from the pool or beach area. Once at the service point, guests would peruse the menu, place their orders, and then face the challenge of returning to their sunbeds while awaiting their chosen refreshments. This conventional method not only increased operational inefficiencies but also hindered the overall enjoyment of leisure time for guests who sought relaxation under the sun.

Challenges of the Traditional Sunbed Ordering Process

Traditional sunbed ordering faced a myriad of challenges, making the process inefficient. Here are several challenges that guests, waiters, and hotels face in placing, serving, and fulfilling sunbed orders:

Increased Wait Times

As initially stated, sunbeds are located farther from the main service area. Initially, guests faced the arduous task of traversing considerable distances to reach the main service point. This contributed to increased wait times. Navigating through queues, patrons often experienced delays in viewing the menu, placing orders, and settling bills. This cumbersome process not only hampered the leisurely experience but also tested the patience of guests seeking a seamless and prompt service.

Lost Revenue Opportunity

In the traditional sunbed ordering model, the process of ordering and payment is often time-consuming and inconvenient. For customers who aren’t ready to sacrifice their convenience to place sunbed orders, they won’t spend much of their time or finances on the beach bar or hotel. Also, most customers won’t be willing to place extra orders if the initial process was not smooth This results in lost revenue opportunity and low sales.

Waiter’s Struggle with Long Distances

In the traditional sunbed ordering model, waiters faced the daunting challenge of covering substantial distances between the main service point and the pool or beach area where the sunbed is located. Collecting orders manually through crowded spaces made waiters contend with physical strain. Also, it contributed to potential delays in delivering orders. This labor-intensive process diminished operational efficiency and detracted from the overall quality of service.

Language Barrier

Most beach bars and hotels receive customers from different geographical locations. Some customers may not understand the language used in the traditional menus when placing sunbed orders. This introduces significant challenges in placing orders due to language barriers. Also, it increases chances of customer disputes as they may order meals and drinks that they didn’t intend to, affecting their overall experience and satisfaction.

Uninviting Environment

Beach bars and hotels must create an inviting environment to attract new and retain existing customers. However, that’s not the case when these facilities use the traditional sunbed ordering approach. With many digital solutions being available, relying solely on traditional ordering method can give the wrong impression of your restaurant. This is because this approach provides minimal opportunities for customers to explore the hotel’s or beach bar’s offerings.

Payment-Related Risks

The traditional sunbed ordering approach not only delayed payments but also posed a significant risk of customers not paying. Also, the long wait time between placing an order and settling the bill introduced an element of uncertainty, potentially leading to disputes and affecting the seamless flow of sunbed orders. This challenge impacted financial transactions and created a less secure and reliable payment environment.

The Revolutionary Solution: Digital Sunbed Ordering System

The digital sunbed ordering system is a new approach that addresses challenges related to the traditional sunbed ordering model. This new sunbed ordering solution involves integrating a user-friendly mobile application that allows guests or customers to order food and drinks from the comfort of their sunbeds. Therefore, it streamlines the sunbed ordering process by eliminating the need for physical movement to the main service point.

6 Benefits of Digital Sunbed Ordering System

Here are several advantages of using the new sunbed ordering system:

Improved Operational Efficiency

Achieving operational efficiency is crucial for the success of a beach bar or hotel, and implementing a sunbed ordering system can significantly improve performance. By simplifying processes and using technology, beach bars and hotels can improve their operations, improving service quality and ultimately boosting productivity.

Unlike the traditional sunbed ordering model, a digital sunbed ordering system enhances efficiency in several ways. Waiters no longer have to wander around collecting customer orders at distant sunbeds and tables. Instead, customers view the menu and place orders online. These orders are received by waiters in real-time through notifications, enabling them to process orders promptly. Rather than going around getting incoming orders, waiters can focus on delivering the orders quickly and more efficiently. This results in smooth and effective service delivery.

Improved Customer Experience

In the expansive setting of a beach hotel or bar, often larger than a standard restaurant, grabbing the attention of customers can be challenging. The sunbeds are usually located farther from main service area, which poses a challenge for customers who demand speedy service. Meeting these demands is even harder for hotel and beach bar owners since they’ll need to employ sufficient staff to cater to the varying customer demands. This results in them neglecting or partially serving their customers’ needs, which leads to poor customer experiences.

Luckily, the new digital sunbed ordering system brings a paradigm shift to customer satisfaction by drastically reducing waiting times. Customers no longer have to go to or queue at the main service area for any service. Instead, they can effortlessly go through the menu, place orders, and settle payments directly from their sunbeds. This simplifies the ordering process and transforms their leisure experience. Also, it fosters an environment of increased satisfaction. By minimizing the time between desire and fulfillment, the digital sunbed ordering system ensures guests can focus on relaxation and enjoyment. This elevates their overall stay at the hotel, pool bar, or beach establishment.

Increased Revenue

In a beach hotel or bar, generating revenue is of utmost importance, especially since customers anticipate prompt service for snacks and drinks. The critical factor in boosting sales involves seizing timely opportunities and promptly attending to customer needs whenever they need them, including from their sunbeds. Failing to capitalize on these moments can result in fewer orders and diminished beach bar or hotel income. And that’s where a digital sunbed ordering system comes in handy.

Digital sunbed ordering system increases revenue by improving customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. It allows customers to conveniently place and pay for orders without having to worry about long queues or wait times. Also, beach bar and hotel owners can consider creative strategies like introducing spontaneous offers and prime hour promotions. This encourages customers to make extra purchases, ultimately boosting the hotel’s or beach bar’s revenue.

Language Accessibility

Hotels and beach bars often serve customers from all over the world. Understanding menus and conveying dietary preferences can be challenging due to language barriers. This makes sunbed ordering quite difficult for customers who don’t understand the language used by hotels or beach bars to print their menu. Fortunately, a digital sunbed ordering system significantly alleviate this issue. This digital menu can effortlessly be translated into various languages, including the one’s on the customer’s phone. As a result, it empowers travelers to explore and order meals and drinks in their preferred language. This enhanced accessibility enables tourists to confidently navigate menu options and make well-informed choices without encountering language obstacles.

Furthermore, international tourists often possess distinct dietary preferences or restrictions, emphasizing the importance of customizing their orders. A digital sunbed ordering system provide the flexibility for tourists to tailor their orders according to specific preferences, such as opting for vegetarian dishes, selecting gluten-free alternatives, or accommodating allergies. This system facilitates direct communication of dietary needs, ensuring that orders are prepared to meet the customer’s requirements.

Zero Payment Risks

Payment risks in sunbed ordering have been high, especially in the traditional sunbed ordering model. Customers can take their meal and disappear in the crowd without a trace. This results in revenue loss. However, the digital sunbed ordering systems has transformed how customers pay for their sunbed orders, nullifying payment risks.

A digital sunbed ordering system alleviates the risks of delayed or missed payments by allowing customers to settle bills online as soon as they place the order. This ensures a secure financial transaction process and significantly reduces the chances of payment disputes and uncertainties. This mitigated payment risk benefits customers and hotels/beach bars, fostering a transparent and reliable financial exchange.

Engaging Atmosphere

Integrating a sunbed ordering systems demonstrates the beach hotels or bar’s commitment to modernity and innovation. With everything going digital, this tech-driven solution adds sophistication and captures the attention of customers who value convenience and a smooth experience. Also, it provides an opportunity for customers to interact and engage more with the hotel’s or beach bar’s offerings.

The digital nature of sunbed ordering systems enables beach hotels and bars to present their offerings in an interactive and visually engaging manner. Rather than traditional menus, customers are welcomed by vivid images of delicacies and refreshing drinks. This visual aspect stimulates customers’ senses and appetite while creating a sense of anticipation for what lies ahead. Therefore, it makes customer curious and creates an engaging sunbed experience.

GonnaOrder: The Ultimate Sunbed Ordering Provider

When implementing a sunbed ordering system, hotels, and beach bars must consider a reliable provider for the system to succeed and provide a seamless experience. And that’s where GonnaOrder comes in. At its core, GonnaOrder’s sunbed ordering system enables beach bars and hotels to digitize their menus, making it easier for customers to place sunbed orders.

Hotels and beach bars can place a QR code on each sunbed, allowing customers to scan it quickly using smartphones. This will open the digital menu in a visually appealing and intuitive interface. The QR code can be customized to each sunbed, enabling waiters to detect which sunbed an order has been made from, further simplifying their work.

What’s more, GonnaOrder supports several secure payment options, ranging from banks to online payment methods. This makes it ideal for beach bars and hotels, which often serve customers from different regions globally. Additionally, it is available in 30+ languages, enabling customers to access menus in their preferred languages.


In today’s digitally advanced world, hotels and beach bars must adapt and embrace innovative solutions, like sunbed ordering systems, to streamline operations and enhance customer satisfaction. A sunbed order system can completely transform how beach bars and hotels serve customers. From simplifying the process of ordering to increasing efficiency, a digital sunbed ordering system can help hotels and beach bars optimize their sunbed orders’ revenue, taking customer experience to a whole new level.

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