How to add icons and emojis to your menu ✨

How to add icons and emojis to your menu ✨

Icons and emojis are popular ways to enrich textual communication in modern times. But who thought they would find their way to the restaurant menu? Well, we did. You can now add icons and emojis to your restaurant menu in GonnaOrder.

Why add icons and emojis to your menu?

There are various reasons why people use icons. But for restaurants and other hospitality industry ventures, there are two main reasons you should add icons to your menu.

To highlight dishes: When you have multiple items on the menu, customers have to scroll through your menu looking for something to order. Adding icons to some products attracts customer attention and reduces the time one would take looking around. For example, you can add a star to one of the items in a category.

To improve the visual appeal of your menu: Icons are more memorable than text. They also come in different colors and can help improve the visual appeal of your menu. Additionally, icons can help customers easily find their favorite items on the menu.

How to add icons and emojis to your menu

You can add icons to your menu through either of the following:

☕ Category names
❤️ Category description
⭐ Item names
✳️ Item description
✨ Price description

GonnaOrder supports a selection of emojis and icons, and the selection will expand in the future. You can now use the icons below to direct customer attention towards certain categories or items.

Star: ⭐ Sparkles: ✨ Sparkle: ❇️ Coffee: ☕ Eight spoked asterisk: ✳️ Ballot box with check: ☑️
Heavy checkmark: ✔️ Eight pointed black star: ✴️ Heart: ❤️ One: 1️⃣ Two: 2️⃣ Three: 3️⃣
Four: 4️⃣ Five: 5️⃣ Six: 6️⃣ Seven: 7️⃣ Eight: 8️⃣ Nine: 9️⃣

Follow these steps to add an emoji to an item:

1️⃣ Copy the icon you would like to use from the above table
2️⃣ Log in to your store and select an item from your catalog
3️⃣ Choose the appropriate field where the icon should appear
4️⃣ Paste the icon in the designated field and save

Find more details on how to add icons to categories and highlight items with emoji from the help center.

How icons appear on the menu

Icons added to category name and description
Coffee icon added to the category name and a heart icon added to the description.
Icons added to item names
Star and heart icons added to item names
Icons added to item descriptions
Checked box and a star added to item descriptions
Icons added to price descriptions
Number icon added to a price description

Bottom line

You can use icons and emojis to direct customer attention to particular items in your menu. The star ⭐ is one of our favorite icons; you should try to use it whenever you want to highlight an item.