Why to include allergen information in your Digital Menu

Why to include allergen information in your Digital Menu

Studies from 2019 indicate that there is a possibility 6% of Europe’s population are living with food allergy problems. In the UK alone, over 2 million people have clinically confirmed allergies. Therefore, food vendors should know the importance of allergen information in the menu.

Considering these numbers, the logical conclusion is that many people would have trouble with both table ordering or take-out food unless proper labeling was adhered to. You might as well know that some countries have regulations requiring hotel and restaurant owners to provide adequate information on the presence of allergens in foods. Therefore, having allergens labels on your store offers is an ethical obligation as well as compliance with the law.

Setting allergen information and offer characteristics
Img: Allergen information on offers

Besides the ethical part of it, it’s important to know that allergens have mild to severe reactions. Therefore, it is wise to inform your customers of food ingredients that may cause allergies before placing orders. You can do this through a QR menu or through a digital menu.

Key benefits of having allergen information in your menu

  • Save time: The presence of allergen information on your menu can help streamline your operations. Customers will only order food suitable for them, thus reducing the back and forth involved with traditional kitchens.
  • Build loyalty: Opening up about allergens present in your foods is a way of showing concern for your customers’ health. Still, you have to work to reduce cross-contamination of foods so customers have confidence in your dishes. This way, you have the opportunity to create repeat business with customers.
  • Increase revenues: Loyal customers offer you repeat business and, in turn, a revenue stream you can count on.

On the GonnaOrder online ordering system for restaurants, allergen information is referred to as ‘Offer characteristics’. Besides the commonly known food allergens, you can use ‘Offer characteristics’ to indicate that a particular offer is suitable for vegetarians or vegans. Therefore, GonnaOrder helps you comply with the law and also reap the benefits of showing allergen info on your digital menu.

Visit our help center now to learn how GonnaOrder presents allergen information. You will also learn how to set offer characteristics for offers.

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