7 reasons your restaurant needs a table ordering system

7 reasons your restaurant needs a table ordering system

A table ordering system makes it easy to update a restaurant menu and improve order accuracy. Additionally, a good table ordering solution can help you increase your revenue, and collect more customer data. It does not replace waiters and other restaurant staff, but it gives them the power to do more in less time.

Top 7 reasons why your restaurant needs a table ordering system

  1. Deliver exceptional customer experience. The future of the restaurant business is automated. Customers expect digital solutions and more control over their menu and ordering choices. Customers’ ability to control their orders can make a difference between a good and an excellent dining experience.
  2. Our customers enjoy using the GonnaOrder interface and personalizing their orders by making up their own burgers on their phones,” says Papavergos, owner of Burger House – Grill Bros in Greece.

  3. Give customers more control. A table ordering solution gives customers more control over their experience. Customers can choose to sit at a table catching up with each other before ordering or they can immediately place orders. Similarly, customers do not require staff to come around to collect payments. A good table ordering solution supports online payments and customers can pay and leave at their own pleasure.
  4. Improve order accuracy. Allowing customers to submit orders via a digital menu can help you avoid mistakes. With our table ordering system, your customers will get what they are expecting. Your kitchen staff and servers are more aligned reading a printed receipt than reading handwritten orders.
  5. By using the GonnaOrder table ordering technology, we do not miss any orders during peak times,” says Tracey Reilly.

  6. Maximize table turnover. A table ordering solution allows you to delegate the role of taking orders to your customers. As a result, your staff are more available to fulfil orders with little or no delays. Allowing customers to order online at their table, or while waiting, saves time and reduces customer waiting times.
  7. Increase staff efficiency. You can handle higher order volumes with the support of a table ordering system. GonnaOrder takes away part of the work that your staff would otherwise do, leaving them to only serve orders. Hence your store can fulfil larger order volumes.
  8. Our waiters can now spend their time more efficiently. Not to mention that this has drastically reduced the waiting time for orders!” enthuses Papavergos.

  9. Collect more customer data. With a table ordering solution, restaurants can collect more customer data. For example, restaurants can collect customer email addresses and phone numbers. Restaurants can use such data for marketing and promotions.
  10. Increase revenue. Table ordering makes your team more productive and efficient. Hence they can serve more people than they would do without an ordering solution. Ideally, increased speed and staff efficiency will increase table turnover. With the increased control, customers are likely to spend more on orders.

Bottom line

GonnaOrder’s ordering technology will help your business innovate your service and dining experience. The table ordering system allows you to improve staff efficiency and maximize table turnover. And since customers have more control, the average order value and your revenue are bound to increase.

If all the above sound interesting, create your own digital store and menu today.